Friday, March 19, 2010

FOUND:PS highinin'

I forgot to include text in my last post, so I'll be quick-

So pleased I got to see the THE HIGH LINE in Chelsea... Meg's sister, my friend, Elizabeth has been working on it and I am so impressed!

The weather could not have been any more perfect for a stroll along the elevated railway that has been renovated into a public garden and outdoor lounging space.

I noticed a visually challenged person walking along the path with aid from a friend. I immediately wanted to understand what her experience would be and closed my eyes.... The traffic below buzzed, the warm wind was gentle yet direct, and the air was sweet! It made all my senses grateful I was up there for that experience. Even more grateful that I had my sense of sight, what a magnificent display of artistic renovation and preservation!

I am so proud of Elizabeth and all that her firm accomplished!

The building above- standard hotel

*This structure takes you to another level...

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