Monday, November 30, 2009

FOUND: Office Lunch Bags

On a couple of occasions, my lunch has been consumed by another in the office.  

Just found a fantastic "anti-theft lunch bags" to keep my yummy sandies I bring to work safe.   CLEVER! 

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


In the spirit of giving thanks... I want to extend out that gratitude to Los Angeles, the fair city I live in.   While reading my favorite blog,   I was inspired by their post;
Here are my 7 Reasons to Love LA. 

1- PINK'S  (Martha Stewart Dog).  The secret: Go for Lunch on Thanksgiving... no line!  shhh... don't share that insider tip with too many

2-  HOLLYWOOD FARMER'S MARKET -   Can go a Sunday without filling up my bags with fresh produce... earthy smells, free samples, crisp veggies straight from the ground... 

Have to spend an hour foraging through the stalls for the freshest tastes this season offers. 

 3- RUNYON CANYON-   No need fo
r a gym membership in this city.  A workout with a view, fresh air, smiles from fellow hikers, dogg
ies celebrating their freedom from restraint.  Nothing better than a bit of natural
 perspective and reflection every morning w
ith my fellow canyoners... 

Now some people find this path a cluster of chaos, but my friends... the trick is...  WINTER. 
Pick any day that is under 70 degrees in October- March and I promise you, that path will supply you with one of your favorite LA memories.  Flying down the path, wrapped up in a sc
arf, the beaches empty and just a few miles to biking bliss before you drink.... (obvi a stop at ON THE WATERFRONT for a Hefe is the reward) ... 
5. GOLDEN STATE: Need I say more....   A Solid A+ Burger, Innovative Ice Cream, Craftsman Beers on tap... and only a couple blocks from my apartment.   

6. HOLLYWOOD:  This city is brimming with opportunities like Q&A's with directors after films and exposure to listen to forward thinkers and dream-makers.   Hollywood is more of a mindset to me, than a physical location...  In this town, Creativity is the mayor that we all voted for! 

and we love this city... I confess, I am spoiled. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I have decided I am going to share my new favorite word with everyone, SWELL.  Now, it isn't really a new word, so much as a dated one.  Well friends, I am ready to bring it back and I will need your help.  It won't be easy! 

1. Informal stylish or grand
2. Slang excellent; first-class

I think it would be SWELL if we got this word back into vogue.  

Monday, November 23, 2009

FOUND: Meringue Mushrooms

'Tis holiday season when my craving for my mother's meringue mushrooms takes full hold of me.  

dusted with cocoa  
snow white pillows of candied air 
break and dissolve effortlessly
the finale
velvety dark chocolate 
coats the throat with ease
reminds you the end 
is just as divine

Yummers. Food-spiration lead me to that poem, if you would call it that ! 

*me thinks I will be making a batch for the office cooking competition....  


FOUND: Christmas Balls

Orange Pomanders aka Christmas Balls

Only my most favorite Christmas decorative item... One of my childhood xmas memories included trying to take a bite out of one.  Not recommended.  

If you are looking to eat your holiday decorations... I would recommend starting with the Gingerbread house. 

(FYI: IKEA has an excellent, easy-to-make version) 


1-Roll the orange in your hands to warm it: this makes it easier to push the cloves into it. 

2-Use a thick needle, to poke holes into the orange - easier than using the clove itself

3- Once the ball is made:  roll your clove-studded orange in a mixture of ground cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. 

LOST: My Voice

I am pretty convinced that my office is celebrating my loss of a voice.  I work in a production office where at any given time, we have about 12 tv shows in production.  Our desks are practically stacked on top of one another... and somedays it feels like NYSE... where you have to yell to feel like you are being heard. 

No voice, forces me to listen... which is a very good lesson for me. 
As my mom always said/says,  "Lucy, Think before you speak!" 

Right now I have no choice... 

FOUND: Lost & Found at Disneyland

My sunglasses weren't the only thing I lost at Disneyland.  My Voice was left there.  There is a good possibility that I lost it while at California Adventure on the roller-coaster California Screaming.  

While I am on that thought.... I should probably check to see if Gabor LOST his hearing on that ride... he was sitting right in front of me.  

Anywho, I called Disneyland Lost & Found to file a report/claim and it was a fascinating experience.  Apparently they have every other type of Ray Bans, except for mine.   I was informed they mail the item to you, free of charge.  Crossing my fingers that they find my sunglasses, I fear I might not be as hip without them.  

*This image was pulled from Disneyland Paris (how great is this sign?)

LOST: My Raybans

While transitioning from Fantasyland into Adventureland, my friend Gabor inquired... "Now Lucy, I wasn't aware that you had a blog what is it about!", his girlfriend said, "Lucy's blog is a lost and found... but she mostly just finds stuff."   

Five minutes later..... 

I LOST my beloved hipster-mocking ray-bans.  I lost it on Big Thunder Mountain.  Big Bummer.  But at least I have a new post for my blog under the heading LOST.  

Goodbye Sunglasses, you will be missed.  You and I had some good times...  In-N -out Burger for a celebratory burger after I purchased you ... to... sunset rides home from work.  

Thursday, November 19, 2009


So, my friend is going to Spain in a couple of weeks and I am insanely jealous.   Everyday there is some sort of reference or mentioning in news and gets my heart pitter pattering... yesterday I read about Calle Fuencarral pedestrianizing the street and then today I stumble upon this photo on my computer.   (taken at an apt I was staying at, damn that cheap vino rosado...I dream about you and your 3 euro price daily )

Ok, Spain... I will return soon... I promise.  Please stop haunting me.  I have had enough already.  




I have been really bored with my hair recently and struggling with how to do my hair for my cousin's wedding.. .until I found this photo. 



Me Thinks I found a gift for Brooks... It's a good thing he doesn't read my blog.   


1- Truman Peyote - New wife, new life  (hard to find, but download when you do... not avail on itunes) 

2- julien casablancas - 11th dimension  (he's annoying, but I like the song.. don't tell him that though) 

3- Baaba Maal  - Cantaloupe  (merci baaba, la chanson... c'est jolie) 

4-Boom Boom Ba - Metisse  (apparently the soundrack song for "Dead like me"... never saw it, died before I had the chance) 

5- Fol chen - winter that's all  (I mean, so good... sooooo goood... It's the winter!) 

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

FOUND: Cork Wreaths

 Tis the season to save your corks... these wreaths are an eco-festive way to spruce up your door.  Our neighbor is my inspiration- he is a wine-buyer for Whole Foods... talk about a dream job! 

Thursday, November 12, 2009


 A watch that makes you smile every time you look down to see what time it is!   I want it! 

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


When I was in high school.... this was one of my favorite videos/songs.  That boy needs therapy... he's crazy in the coconut.... 

FOUND: Recipe for Basil Gimlet

Please note: This Recipe makes 2 drinks... so be sure to share with a fellow cocktail-lover! 


  • 1  cup  sugar
  • 1  large bunch basil, coarsely chopped
  • Ice
  • 6  tablespoons  vodka
  • 4  tablespoons  lime juice
  • Basil sprigs, for garnish (optional)


1. Make basil syrup: In a large microwave-safe measuring cup, combine sugar, 3/4 cup water, and basil.

2. Microwave on high until sugar dissolves, 3 to 4 minutes.

3. Let basil steep in syrup 20 to 30 minutes, then strain (you'll have enough syrup for 4 drinks).

4. Fill 2 highball glasses with ice. Into each glass, pour 3 tbsp. vodka, 4 tbsp. basil syrup, and 2 tbsp. lime juice. Stir and serve, garnished with basil sprigs.

Tip: Add lemon juice and chilled water to the leftover syrup and serve over ice for basil lemonade.


Another week... Another 5 songs.   
These 5 are best suited for the first cocktail of the night. 
Basil Vodka Gimlet on the rocks is my poison.  

1- Vampire Weekend- Horchata
2- Otto/Julieta- Saudade
3- Does it Offend you Yeah?- Being bad feels pretty good 
(do you feel it getting hotter)
4-  Phoenix- Liztomania (Classixx Mix) 
(snap, crackle..... )
5- Basment Jaxx - Raindrops 

Someone pass me the mixer & stirrer... I want to make another!   Now let's go dancing! 

Monday, November 9, 2009


I have realized... Red Wine is divine,
White Wine is fine,
Rosé is the way....
Found this photo in a file on my office computer from a trip I took to Spain for my Spanish roommate's wedding.

The wine bottle keeping me company in this photo is this table wine in Spain that is about $3 and is essentially my favorite option for the sweltering summer months in Spain.
This post is merely to celebrate Spain's win in the world cup and reminder for me to return to celebrate.

Oh summer, while you pass me by, won't you stop and drink a while?


L-  "Everyone Meet Winston!"
L-  "Winston... Everyone!" 

Ok, so Winston is my best dog- friend in the office.  I had a long discussion with him about adopting Benny and he confessed that he was worried that if I got a dog, he would be neglected.   Tis true... Winston I could never replace you! 

Final decision on Benny- adoption:  I AM NOT ADOPTING!

(...for now)   

Friday, November 6, 2009


While I was hardly-working today... my friend sent me a photo of his freshly shaved chest from Halloweeny.  Now talk about FRIDAY TREAT!  It is now my Wallpaper on my computer... sucker.  Serves him right for flashing me during work hours.... GABE'S GONE WILD!  

Thursday, November 5, 2009


If you  haven't ordered Heavenly Hefe... at your local LA gasatropub... well dawlin' you are seriously missing out.   Craftman Brewing's beer of my choice has kinda rocked my world and I want to share it with  you! 

A piece of Heaven... just for brew!  (ok, not punny) 

If you like blogs- it just got featured in my favorite Beer-Blog! 


Am I crazy to want to adopt the cutest pup.... I eva did see? 

Benny Bennett.... me thinks I am in love!  

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I have been spending a substantial amount of time listening to music these past couple of weeks... weeding through some spanking new bands and their savory sounds.   Here is a random mixation of some of the besties and the times of the day when they are best played...

7:25 am   1- The Mummers- Wake me Up 
9:10am    2- Fink- Sort of Revolution
11:36am   3- Little Dragon- Feather
2:22pm    4- Timber Timbre- Lay down in the Tall Grass 
4:47pm    5-Empire of the Sun- We are the People 
6:50pm   6- The Presets -  If i know You 


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

FOUND: Fireplace Fashionings

With a newly christened apartment fireplace ready for the fall/winter season (though let's be honest- it's 80 degrees out..), I thought I would turn to my friend Martha and see if she had any tips or pointers.  Apparently I need to work on my tinder collection... Know of a good place to collect pine cones?  I also noticed that apparently you can make fireplace Sachets....  which are the perfect housewarming gift.   First I need to work on my Orange Clove balls... then I will get to the Sachets.   shessh  Martha, I have a job... cut me some slack 


It's that time of year again.... APPLE CIDER SEASON!   The moment the temperature drops below 72 degrees, I start mulling cider until bathing suit season arrives again. Apparently there is a fantastic ranch (LOS RIOS) located just an hour away that presses fresh cider during the weekend... oh and there is an apple butter festival coming up... need I say more? I can taste a field trip.... .