Monday, March 29, 2010

FOUND: Canyon Tennis

Played un petit peu de tennis this week/weekend. On Friday, Joe & Ryan & I played at the poinsettia courts where an older gentleman in his 80's strolled onto our court behind a walker toting a duffle and decided to be our 4th to our 3. No words exchanged he just zipped open his bag, removed his racket, and teetered over to the open space next to Ryan and I took it my cue to feed him the ball.

We welcomed him onto our courts and made an unspoken decision to embrace this man who clearly just wanted to be part of something.

It was a humbling moment. We had a lovely time and we were glad to share it with him.

The courts above are from Saturday's game. I played with my ex-coworker Jill who is a total doll and told me about these courts in Griffith Park which sit right in the Vermont Canyon. I felt as if I had been transported back to my camp's courts. I thought our court was empty until I encountered a charming lizard who exclaimed the weather was perfect for a game of tennis. I told him he could stay if he wanted to watch. He said he had a function to attend and swiftly scurried across the court.

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