Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Ever have a craving for a Kosher meal?

Me neither...

Well, that was until I went to Fish Grill* on Beverly. Honestly I have been fascinated by this establishment, not because it has been filled to the gills (lame pun) with my orthodox Jewish neighbors, but because I have been aware of its existence for as long as I have had a memory.

I finally had an excuse to go when my downstairs neighbors invited my roommate and me to join them for dinner. It was their treat and treat it was... So treaty I might just return this week.

One of the best fries in town. The Fish tacos, meh. The grill uses mesquite coals, but honestly it is their fryer that won my heart & stomach over.

Obvi had to stop by Milk on our walk home... couldn't quite imagine finishing a meal without one of their Red Velvet Cupcake Poppers to polish off the meal!

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