Sunday, January 31, 2010

FOUND: Dream Burger

Everyone has their favorite burger & I have mine in LA, and just blocks from my doorstep: The Village Idiot Pub Burger.

I eat it once a week.

I recommend you to do the same.

YUMMERS, yes that is onion relish that you see next to the ketchup and the bun is brioche. Do you want me to continue???

Thursday, January 28, 2010

FOUND: Life Before your eyes

Very pleased I stumbled across this photography site today and this particular story... reminded me of the safari my family went on a couple years back. I get what he is saying in both word and image. That photo is stunning... perfectly composed.

After graduating college, I mustered courage, along with what survival and photo gear I thought necessary, and moved to the African wilderness. I took a job filming and photographing for a safari company in a remote part of Central Tanzania. I left everyone I knew and most modern amenities for the better part of a year. My mind quieted, my senses heightened, and my natural rhythms synched with the harsh and beautiful surrounding environment. It was the most alive I had ever felt. Despite being battered by the sun, ravaged by tsetse flies, bloodied by acacia thorns, hissed at by cobras, choked by dust, and stalked by lions, I woke up every morning wanting more. Upon coming home, I found myself to be radically changed. I felt misplaced and overwhelmed by the noise, pace, and stress of the Western life I had since forgotten. I would pore over old journal entries, watch and re-watch video footage, and stare longingly at the photographs I had taken. I spent many days and nights wishing for a way back, plotting my triumphant return. Like so many before me, I felt homesick for a land far away, missing the harsh lessons of love given freely and frequently by Mother Africa.

FOUND: Renoir dans LACMA

Anyone else excited about Renoir in the 20th Century (Feb 14th -May 9th) at LACMA?

I am already creating a music playlist to accompany me on my visit. Music sometimes gives life to flatter works and I love how it evokes a fuller story for me.

Love those umbrellas,

J'adore Renoir!


My brother just sent a picture of himself to me. Hahahah. Ok, that was mean. Honestly, Apparently I lose. I laughed... first at the photo then at my lame joke.

Anyway, Thanks Brooks for sending this to me. Made me smile while my car is in the shop. Praying for no operations!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

FOUND: How to Calm Down...

Yes, I wiki'ed that shit. I needed to calm down today... and Wiki solutionized it all for me! Thanks be to Wiki!


Today I woke up and had to deal with the fact that some F*ing A**hole vandalized my passenger window while I was at work last night. I scheduled to have a company replace it for $164... ugh. Well that company failed to show this morning, which forced me to book another auto glass repair service.... one that offered to do it for $117... Score!

So I am jazzed that I just saved myself some dosh, and BAMMM. The worker-bee takes a chunk of plastic out of my handle... Now, I like this guy... but I am thinking he is hoping I don't notice.

well, I DO. I hate confrontation, as you all know. Well, after much anguish, it gets resolved and the company offers to cover it. Feeling "back to jazzed" I am driving to work (three hours late) thinking to myself. I am so proud I handled that, and BAMMM. My car shuts down. Like SHUTS DOWN. No warning.

Now I am going to save you the details on the :
*15 calls to my Dad
*2 hours spent on VW message boards trying to evaluate what went wrong so the mechanics don't pull a fast one on me(when I should be working, mind you)
*6 calls to mechanics across the city bidding on the job
*5 of the bids estimating the job will cost me $2k (roughly the amount of $ I have saved for vacay)
*the entire rest of the day stressing about how my car is stealing my vacay money.


  1. HOW TO CALM DOWN by Wiki P. Dia
  2. Gently and quietly, breathe through your nose and back out through your mouth for as long as you're angry or disturbed. (how can I do this all day?)
  3. 2
    Shake your shoulders to release tension. (this one didn't work)
  4. 3
    Talk to friends or go on the computer to forget about the stress. (Thank you Sarah & Gabe)
  5. 4
    Lie down in a safe place. (unfortunately, no place to do it )
  6. 5
    Take a piece of paper to write logically about what has happened and list steps of action to sort it out properly. (check!)
  7. Take time to privately relax, or meditate. (check!)
  8. 7
    Squeeze a stress ball, sponge, or other pliable object at least 50 times. (!)
  9. 8
    Take a walk outside alone. (with my cellphone)
  10. 9
    Realize that you can not control what will happen today. (check!)
  11. 10
    Carry a picture with you of an image that makes you feel calm in a crazy world. (photo submissions are welcome )
  12. 11
    Find a stream or river, or think of one you have already seen. (A river runs through it... ahhh.. Brad Pitt. feeling better already)
  13. 12
    Make it a goal to live more and stress less. (check!)
  14. 13
    Consider events in your childhood: (check!)
  15. 14
    Identify the people in your life who are making you feel like the world is out of control and consider what TV shows, websites and media you view or listen to that make you feel like the world is crazy. (My job... but need that for purpose. Hmm this one is tough)
  16. 15
    Think about the situation from a different perspective that doesn't result in you being so stressed. (check!)
  17. 16
    Think about all of the good things in your life and make a list of them on paper in a journal.(envisioned the scroll where I write this in my bedroom)
  18. 17
    Write the feelings of your day in a journal, because sometimes you need someone to talk to but you want them to be silent, so write the feelings in a journal.(thanks blog-outlet)
  19. 18
    Always try to stay positive no matter what and remember everything happens for a reason and you're not the only person dealing with these issues.(TRUFF)
  20. 19
    Count to ten if you're mad and you're about to say something really mean to someone you love.(I am feeling better already)
  21. 20
    Remember that there are many people in your life who love and care for you. (Thanks guys)
  22. 21
    Don't get down on yourself. (Why would I, I am so amazing... i kid. Oh wait, I am getting down on myself. Ugh. back to step 1)
  23. 22
    Be strong and convince yourself that you can control yourself because you have the power of choice in one little tiny moments, so don't waste it, and make the right choice.(check!)
  24. 23
    Listen to a few cheerful songs. (headphones on: check. Now what song.. hmmmHOT CHIP- one life stand )
  25. 24
    If you're nervous, imagine a calm natural place. Don't give it people or animals, just organic items. Usually, running water helps, such as a stream or beach, but everyone is different! (running water? that just makes me want to pee... )
This one is mine:


FOUND: New Work Chair

Most people in my office ask why I sit curled up like a Popple in my office chair, knees buckled to my chest... I don't have an answer for those people. I do however have a question.

Why did I not know about this invention earlier?

This chair is absolutely brilliant.
Seems to be the solution to both my balling-tendencies and my bad posture.

I will have to accept the fact I will look like a tool, first. Once I get over that... I am getting one.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

FOUND: Tear-stopper

These jokes are sponsored by


*Sorry these jokes were personally selected by me for their inside joke- thematic value to my friend who cried. Now remember the next time you cry- let me know- and I will post to make you smile too!

What am I drinking? NyQuil on the rocks, for when you're feeling sick but sociable.

I would imagine that the inside of a bottle of cleaning fluid is... fucking... clean.

A burrito is a sleeping bag for ground beef

This shirt is "dry-clean only"...which means it's dirty.

That is all... thanks folks. Have a great night!

FOUND: 3 Cups of Tea

On my way to visit a dear friend of mine who is getting her MA in internat'l studies . I read a fantastic article on the plane about Greg Mortenson in the CS Monitor. (great weekly & fab gift, thanks mom)

I ripped out the article to share and before I could even begin she said, "Oh he just came to speak at my school. Incredible guy!" Tis true. He really is incredible.

It was my turn to pick a book for book group, needless to say THREE CUPS OF TEA won out!

Monday, January 25, 2010

FOUND: Oranges

I volunteered today. Sorting oranges at the food bank. It was mind-numbing and very satisfying at the same time. It is a great way to give your brain a vacation to stop and sort the oranges!

LOST: One costume idea, for another

The Fox ate the wolf.

After finding a gorgeous faux fox coat, I have decided to change my costume idea for Bachelor's Ball 2010.

Red Fox I will be.

FOUND: Paul Smith Undies

Confession. I like to wear men's boxer-briefs for pj bottoms. But the truth is, only when they are cute, striped and from Paul Smith.

ON SALE: $30 from $60.

Buy these men's panties while they are still avail!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

FOUND: 6 pack holder

The designers were so focused on the design... that they forgot to inform us how to buy it. woops

Still cool though.

Brooks, I smell a gift for you...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

FOUND: Costume??? inspiration?? Please??

It's that time again...


Last year I went as a tight-rope walker with my table who dressed Circus-themed.

This year- we are going as ZOO animals. All of the traditional animals have been spoken for:
Zebra, Peacock, Penguin, Lion, ZooKeepers, Flamingo, Cheetah, Giraffe, Lizards, Tropical Birds, Leopard, Swan, Alligator

Needless to say, I haven't decided on a costume for myself. I was thinking maybe Wolf or Fox ?
The most important element is keeping the costume sexy, and let's be honest here, there is no way I could pull off a sexy hippo... EVER.


A LA resident- DJ. Very tune-tasic beats.
You would like, hard not to.

Anywho, I know I have probably told you guys once before... but download:

Morgan Page Feat. Lissie- The Longest Road (Deadmau5 Remix)


Pick one.

Eat one.

Tastes natural.

Is natural.

Is Vegan.

Still Tasty.


I usually hate bars.

FOUND: Recycle your Cashmere

Not be morbid, but when I die... I have one simple request. Cashmere Onesie with hood & booties. No Coffin necessary.
And that, people, is how much I love me some cashmere.

I have a number of sweaters in my closet that I haven't used in years and hate that I have neglected them. I randomly came up with an idea to put them to use again. I contacted my tailor, Virgina, to see if she would make a patchwork blanket out of them for me.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

FOUND: Pit Stop-Heat up

With the weather as cold as it is (below 70 degrees), I have been researching how I can keep my tootsies toasties.



Step #1 - Sew a fabric bag and fill with cherry pits.

Step #2 - Sew shut and heat in microwave 2-3 minutes until hot. Caution: Do not overheat.

Step #3 - Use it to soothe sore muscles or aching backs. They can also be chilled In the freezer and used as a cold compress. They will stay hot or cold for about an hour.

I smell a new summer time hobby...

Eat Cherries at the lake...

use the pits for bags...

give bags to friends!


Muybridge Panorama, 1870's

FIND the room in SF MOMA & become mesmerized.

Gorgeous city.

Monday, January 18, 2010


What is a museum visit... without a visit to its store...

walls and walls of crisply printed art books waiting for my fingerprints...

cases of odd asymmetrical jewelry pieces you are convinced your eccentric aunt will gift you next Christmas...

overly-designed housewares purchased more because of its cocktail party non-versation potential over its alleged superior functionality....


This museum sold a book that I have wanted since the day I first met Henri who let me look out his impassioned eye & opened me up to photojournalism. Henri, Henri Cartier-Bresson, that is, co-founded a photo co-op that is incredibly influential (even today) named Magnum. There is a coffee-table book available- MAGNUM DEGREES- that I thumb through every time I see it... it is a staple in most museum stores.

Mental Note: Indulge & Purchase the next time I see it.


Yesterday, I had a moment of reflection in SF Moma.

I am going to keep this moment to myself.


It's stormy in LA and my fireplace is itching to get lit tonight. I have a fresh pack of matches & a bundle of wood & many screeners to watch before I sleep...

Friday, January 15, 2010

FOUND: Chalkboard Decals

Santa bought me some chalkboard decals while I was shopping with her during Christmas. Kind of you to allow me to pick out my stocking stuffers. Oh Santa, I need some of your design savvy to figure out where I can put them up in my room. Would you pop by this week and help me? Thanks

Apparently there is a superior version of my chalkboard stickers/decals.... one shaped like the US of A.

Confession: I am thinking of getting it because I still don't know all of the states and their capitals.

My Excuse: I was singing GO GO GO JOSEPH on stage every night of the week at the Pantages Theater and missed a semester of 5th grade. (long story. true story. and NO. I will not sing for you. ever.)

Lesson Learned: Sing first, learn later... Decals are always available to fill the holes in my education. Now if I could find a series of chalkboard decals that would help me learn German.

FOUND: Wine & A Movie

A friend of mine rented this movie... and it is divine. If you like good docu-s like you like your fine wine... why not combine the two and make a night of it.

Mondovino is a worthy Netflixation. A documentary about the globalization of wine in various wine regions & the impact it has on the citizens of those areas.

Watch & Drink.

FOUND: Home home Home on the range

Apparently we live on the range. My mom just emailed me this image from our doorstep-

Looks like they be shootin' anudah Western-themed commercial 'round these here parts.

"home, home, home on the range" -mom


I love this postcard. It is 71 and sunny today, which is probably why.

This one is a mind-blower from 1905. The formality of a public bath. (my brain can't help but juxtapose the below image of what happens to our modern-day version, sad)

Postcard of the interior of the Plunge, Ocean Park, California. Color photograph of the large public bath. Numerous people enjoy the hot salt tub baths while onlookers, fully-clothed and decked in hats, gaze from above around the perimeter of the water. Overhead, the glass roof allow the bathers to enjoy the sunlight.

*USC digital Archives has some fun postcards.

For all of you LA Natives... any of you remember Chaka.. the infamous LA tagger? I stumbled upon an article a while back.

CLICK TO SEE what he is up to now!




right on! you'd love this...a crew is all over the 'hood' filming an audi commercial. brooks and I cae back from buying plants for a client...parked in front...they asked me to move my car b/c it was in the shot. I suggested that I had already been quite inconvenienced having to move garbage cans, juggle cars, etc. I put some things inside and she came back asking me to move it just 2 feet. I said for $100 I would and closed the door. Two minutes later the bell rang and she had a $100 bill in her hands. That's $50/foot! Not bad! mom


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Papa-Bennett aka Sir Daddykins gets screeners for his BAFTA membership.  The Bennett family gets the honor of checking them out of my father's library.   I am literally counting down the months for my own membership... I have less than a year before I can join and the moment it happens... I will officially be committing social suicide.   


Crazy Heart:  B+  (rent it, was pleasant surprise)

Fantastic Mr Fox: B- (meh, you can miss it. 

The Maid: A-  (loved it, see below)

Broken Embraces: A-  (Almodovar can do no wrong in my eyes)

An Education: A- (best acting I have seen in ages)

Up in the Air: B  (pleasant surprise)

500 days of summer: B + (cute. I hate using that word to describe it) 

The Proposal: C+ (I did cry though) 

Nine: D+ (and I am being generous with the +)

It's Complicated: B- (meh, but nancy meyer's signature move of ample interior-design-house-porn  & croissant scene kept me attentive enough)


Avatar- google "LieMAX"... interesting stuff 

Where the Wild Things Are- heard it was awful 

Julie & Julia- Will see it bc of Chris Messina. If you know me well, you know the story that goes with that. 

Inglorious Basterds- I love Tarantino, hate gore. Why must these two things go hand in hand? 

District 9- saw parts of it at work in the lunch room, not sure if I can sit thru the entire flick. 

The Young Victoria- Dying to see

A Serious Man 

A Single Man 

Hurt Locker

Precious (side note- Sapphire who wrote the book, taught me writing my senior year at Trinity)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

FOUND: songies & album to download -lucy approved!

Sometimes you just need songs to listen to. 

!!! (chk chk chk)- must be the moon 

yacht- psychic city (classixx remix) 

oh and a totally different note, the new Vampire Weekend album is not only Lucy-Approved, but Parent-Approved too! 

Monday, January 11, 2010

FOUND: Sarah & Benitos

I adore many things in LA (hence the post).  Two that fall at the top of my list- happen to have a wonderful relationship with one another. Today I am paying due homage to them both, in no particular order:

#2- Sarah Russell: one of my HP besties.  Our friendship first took form at the lunch tables at Immanuel Presbyterian Nursery School where snacks and lunches were shared.... (the root of any solid friendship, in my eyes) 

Now back to the relationship I mentioned above, Sarah is the queen of Benito's and rarely turns down an opportunity to eat there. I always know I can turn to her for a good Benitos-sess.   I do declare: some of my favorite moments in LA have been spent with her over a 2am cheese quesadilla and guac.  

****Like Benito's, Sarah is hugely reliable & available 24 hours a day!  Nothing better than that! ****

REAL PURPOSE OF THIS POST:  I wanted to take a blog post to give a shout out to Sarah who was the one who convinced me to Blog .  Thank you Sarah, it has been a fantastic outlet for me. 

Sunday, January 10, 2010

FOUND: First Grey Hair

So, I found my first grey hair on my head today.
A stubborn, wiry, short, hair.
Sticking straight up in the air & begging for some attention.

(well, technically it's the second, if you count the one I found yesterday and convinced myself it was merely a pigment free-albino hair)

I am accepting this.

I have to.

I am actually having a debutante party for it. It's coming out...
and I have decided to go blonde in 2010.

FOUND: How to make Beer Googles

- by Lucy Williams Bennett (the 1st)

Step #1 : Take two shots of beer

Step #2 : Drink Said Shots - post-shots smile required

Step#3 : Make sure no drops remain at the bottom

Step #4 : Place Glasses over eyes.

TADA! That was easy! Now make a set for your friends & loved one to wear with you!

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