Tuesday, March 2, 2010

FOUND: La_Luz Tweets for Pleasure

DISCOVERY: Twitter is an excellent creative outlet for the unemployed.

I started a twitter page ages ago and only now really have the time to attempt witty-tweetery and figure out how the whole operation works.

First off- I have decided I will hire myself to tweet about myself. My start-up doesn't have much money, so I don't have much money to pay myself a real salary. For now, I can only provide free transportation to/from work & chipotle... like a shitty internship.

(FYI: luz was my first word, I apparently spoke Spanish in another life?)

Did I mention how rewarding it would be if you followed me? No?

Well, it frankly wouldn't be rewarding at all. I clearly first need to find a gimmick. I was thinking of offering pass-codes to access freebies to all of my "followers"

So like the Kogi Truck, you are desperately trying to locate me & use me for my stuff. Wait, that doesn't sound right.... hmmm need to re-strategize

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