Monday, August 29, 2011

FOUND: Tony & Pizzanista

Tony's Saloon is usually where my evening devolves post- villains tavern.

Villains is great when you want to pay $72 on a cocktail served in a polly pocket sized glass. After the first drink you are left wanting more, that's when you head to Tonys. I am sure I already have gushed about all of the glories of this saloon on my blog, but this time around I took it to the next level and ordered pizza from next door and discovered a new love. Two loves to be exact. Meat lovers and a white pie. One slice gets too lonely on a plate.

Basically You order your slices next door and They deliver it to the bar when it's ready. Simple enough for me.

$1 leftover cold pizza slices are always a good idea.

Then you work your slices off with a table tennis tourney.

Everyone wins with an evening like this one.

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FOUND: hangin tuff

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FOUND: Detroit airport art

Another day, another airport

It's a summer of travel and so far I would have to say Detroit has the best walkway art.

The walls are backlit illuminated with a green marbled glass.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Lolo was a great meal out in the mission. I was so pleased that Alexis and Adam( met them
in Belize) could make it across town for little ole me.

As always we laughed... cried... and ate....our faces off

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FOUND: lions of the sea

These sea beasts entertained me at pier 39. I convinced myself to be a tourist this time around and thank god I did, and did it alone, for the lions demanded a nice chunk of my afternoon.

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FOUND: the grove

This grove has beer and coffee available at all hours and giant heated chocolate cookies. Don't need much more on a menu to put a smile on my belly.

I needed to put my swollen feet up after trekking from the Embarcadero to the Marina along the water...

I Settled into this cabin/ restaurant happily.

Until the woman I was seated alongside started bitching for an hour about how the Grove has taken a turn for the worse. "Now the management says laptops are not allowed and *gasp* it is now filled with tourists" (that's me!). I don't think she could see my belly smiling, so I beamed at her from ear to ear, hoping that she got the message.

If she doesn't shut it with her sourpussedness I'm gonna share my delightfully warmed cookie and shove it directly into her mug.

She got my message and

Thankfully no mugs were filled.

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FOUND: public parklet

So stinking cute. Only in the mission.

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I have an obsession with airport art. Usually it is hung from above or displayed along long narrow walkways.

Today, The real art was seen on this man's chin.

Fascinating... I couldnt get a close enough look at his shaving craftsmanship.

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FOUND: the apt of dots and fog

The fog got really thick last night and I was hoping if I went outside and opened my mouth I would taste milky froth and encounter a river of hot chocolate.

Sadly it was only foggy with a chance of rain.

There wasn't any fog inside so we could see clearly when we were conversing.

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FOUND: rosamundes

There is a reason why everyone tells me to go to Rosamundes....while I'm in SF, I now get it. Their lunch special was special. The sausages, plentiful and satisfying. It's Wurstkuche's predecessor.

$3 Fat tire or a $1 Pbr For lunch.

Now I must confess that Wurstkuche made a better copy, but this place suits me just fine while I'm in SF. It's blocks from my brother's place and next to the BART.

I ate everything.

No seriously, Everything.

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FOUND: chalk it up

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LOST: iPhone case

Anonymous requested that my cell case, well, get Lost.

I agree with anonymous that the photos are subpar as a result of the bubble effect, though I have grown so attached. Seeing as though it is made of wood, I guess I should at least feel guilt free when I dispose of it in the campfire I will be building next week in Michigan.

I will still be sad to see it go up in flames, in the meantime, bubbles will abound.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

FOUND: Dolores and her Park

Spent two afternoons solid in the park. Ate two solid pints of bi-rite.

Need to get better at group-self portraits.

It felt like vacation, nothing to do but soak up the sun with friends, drink hipster beer, eat gourmet 'scream , and watch old shirtless burnt out hippies gyrate their bodies to Shakira. Bliss.

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FOUND: village pizzeria SF

I was tempted. I resisted.

Wonder if it lives up to the LA branch. Hey, they deliver, I might just be finding out tonight post drinks.

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FOUND: cupcakes in a cone

Milk. What will they think of next, I don't know but I will continue to be there to try it.

This bakery is dangerously within walking distance from my home.

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Icecreaming my mouth... Post meal delight.

Mint chip, with a geriatric cone, and done!

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FOUND: trolly time

When in SF, one of the tourist essentials: ride a trolly or cable car... I hadn't been since I was seven, so it was a must do this time around.

I saddled into an interior seat, as the money seats were all taken.

The biggest mistake I made was that I was packed in a bench seat next to a molester.
Yup, a molester. Just my luck.

At first I thought it was my seatmate's bag grazing my upper leg, as 1/2 of it was draped on my lap.

Nope, not a bag.
Not a bag at all.

I looked up and reached for what was my saving grace, the call bell. I got off the trolly and vowed I would never get back on one again. Chester, the trolly molester, I know who you are and I'm coming after you. This time with a tazer.

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FOUND: SF roadtrip

Brooks was the conductor.

We saw fire trucks

And Garlic trucks

I got bored and had fun with a sticker I found in Brooks' mini.

I took an artistic shot

I took self portraits

I took Brooks portraits

We got there in one piece, my orchid plant got there in two pieces. That's another story.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

LOST: Uncle Frank

Sadly I just got word that Uncle Frank from Jimmy Kimmel passed away. He will be missed from my favorite show. He was an Uncle to us all. The world will be a lot less funny without him around.

FOUND: Long way


FOUND: Beer Hider


Monday, August 22, 2011

FOUND: Winnie the piñata

On my second to last day at work, I saw a Winnie the Pooh piñata for $5 at a charity shop and had to have it. I had no occasion for it yet, but I figured occasions surface all the time.

So I brought Winnie home, gave him a tour and realized I had already grown so attached to him that it seemed like filling him with candy and beating the shit out of him would be wrong. It would be like I was doing it to my brother.

Is it weird I'm now considering going to the piñata district in downtown to buy a spare piñata? Or maybe I should wait, Winnie could be a bad houseguest, you never know...

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FOUND: buffalo wild wings

I ventured into the wild west that is in Burbank with my coworkers to enjoy the wing'd offerings at Buffalo Wild Wings.

The handy wipes are handy and readily at hand for your dirty hand needs.

So many sauces, best to try them all..

We generated quite a mess.

Char was my tour guide through the whole experience, I couldn't have done it without her expertise.

Everyone was pleased with our final supper/lunch restaurant selection.... My lips are still slightly numb but it was clearly worth it.

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