Thursday, June 24, 2010

LOST: My Voice... yes, again

I knew I had a connection to Bill Clinton, I just didn't know how....

Now, I am left praying the show that I start shooting on Sunday, doesn't mind that their field producer will be sign-languaging most of the day.

Not annoying at all. What is more annoying, having to avoid cheering during the USA match on Saturday... UGH.

FOUND: Broken bells

Jimmy kimmel's concert for Broken Bells, was a delight. The green bracelet that facilitated my access to free buds and the NBA final game, with my own HD tv and the band, was a bigger delight.

Jimmy you make a girl's dreams come true.

Abigail hearts the band.
The mysterious man standing behind her hearts Abigail.

$10 says there is a Craigslist missed connection posted: To girl in black shirt-My arms were crossed at Broken Bells and they really should have been holding you....

Seriously, the Laker win, capped off my night in such a lovely way, just like how a Benito's quesadilla caps off a night of dancing.

After the win: Madness on the boulevard of Hollywood!

Cars honking in jubilation, a massive spontaneous drum circle of purple and gold bodies, a random assortment of impersonators, an Elmo, a spiderman, and a Michael Jackson.... And a Lucy. (obivious big fail, with my lack of photo)

LA you are such a special place.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

FOUND: eat my blog

With bikini weather coming, I have practically all the top models knocking down my door, begging me for my expert dieting secrets. (plus sized models that is)

I will have you know, Bikinis don't fill themselves out.

So I dragged my mother and her wallet along with me to the EAT MY BLOG bake sale. It was quite the "foodie-blogger" event, and me and my little LA lifestyle blog were very intimidated indeed by the impressive showing.

The event was a charity bake sale that encouraged Food Bloggers & Local LA chefs to donate baked goods to the cause.

Here are some of LUCY'S TOP EATING TIPS for models, of the plus-sized variety:

#1: Vegan = Not worth eating
#2: Go Butter & Cream or go home, those two ingredients are mandatory.
#3: If it includes Chocolate, get two.
#4: Remember to order "something for a friend", make sure it is something the "friend" likes. (A friend meaning your fridge)
#5: Best to try what your friend is eating, because it might be something you may want too

I am sorry, but my mom is so stinking cute! Yes, we have matching hats.

Just when I thought I knew what I wanted, I noticed another table of sweets.


Some of the Foody Booty!

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Walked to the village for my morning dosage of world cup.... Let's just say the real sweating came at the 90th minute. We had 4 minutes of overtime and my USA jersey was pretty much soaked through...

Thanks be to Donovan, the man, Big goal and game over!
Phew. Too close for comfort.

I am still buzzing from the event.... and I have a feeling the 8am Heffe that I drank probably has a tiny bit to do with it.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

FOUND: Nuevo Huevo Ranchero

Nelson, I am sorry. A new Huevo is due to arrive tomorrow and will naturally be added to our crazy tribe of families. I'm sure you have noticed your mom's cha-cha-cha-chia belly and quite frankly ignored it.

As a middle child who is pre-disposed to "family-placement-situation" and can personally relate, I don't want you to feel in the shadow of all the excitement that will come.

Therefore, I have decided to celebrate you right here, and right now... As your title: new baby huevo... Will be passed along to another, and by another, I mean your new-born brother.

What, In a matter of mere hours?

Now, don't give me that look. I told you it wouldn't be easy.

Ok fine, I see you are in a state of shock. Listen, I will feature you as often as I can, But you really need to work on your poses for me. Think: "cute baby photos", ones that can compete with all of those rediculous online images of cats dressed up. I know you think the smocked monogrammed mint green jumper would be enough, but Nelson, it really isn't. You need to step it up a notch for me.

Perfection, consider yourself booked! Well, at least until I meet your younger brother in person. That gives you until August!

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FOUND: Dingbat 2.0

Megaroo came into town and I was very happy, indeed. She was honored & recognized by the LA FORUM of architecture and urban design for a design she did for a competition they had called: DIGBAT 2.0.

Now, for the non-LA person, most of you don't quite know what a digbat is...

It is an iconic Architectural style that I abhor and grew to adore after going to the DIGBAT 2.o presentation on Hollywood Blvd.

It was wild to see how these innovative thinkers were able to re-stylize and re-design something that I saw as LA's Architectural Acne.

This is my friend Meg. She is an architect. She graduated from the GSD and I am proud.

Meg with her father, another architect. Her sister, an architect as well, was unable to attend.

Lucy, A producer, loved attending a non-industry event. It felt refreshing. Love to see other people in their professional environs. Especially if it means the words Script, Agent, and Actor are replaced with Structure, Rendered, and Design.

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FOUND: Hollywood's the parlour room

So I'm lame. I should just start schlepping my SLR for these sort of expeditions to new bars named THE PARLOUR ROOM (not be confused with the 18 other bars in LA named Parlour).

Meg, ali and I, hollywould like to believe that the guys who brought some of other bars to this fine city, hit the mark again.

I love a good bar, and by that I mean a physical bar where I can sit comfortably for hours.... Alone. Or not.
On a date. Or not.

I was with me HP mates.

Only wish you could see them in the photo.

Let me tell you , the real surprise was the lit up juke book, I love a good box of juke!

Now, for a brief Vocabulary Lesson Interruption:

A juke joint= is an informal establishment featuring music dancing and drinking. ...

Juke= disorderly, rowdy, wicked.

Think I might just have to integrate that into my vocabulary, to define those Juke nights.

FOUND: fain wine

Nothing better than drinking wine older than me, made by family friends, and enjoyed by me~ teehee.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

FOUND: golden state of mind

When there is an important sports game on, I find myself needing to calm my nerves. Best solution I have found: the golden state for a solid burger and a frosty pint. Hits the spot every time. For the la natives: the owners graduated from Crossroads. Show them some double la pride and watch next seasons laker games at The Golden State and while yourself at it... Support Scoops and get a beerfloat.

Burger.... Beer... Baby?

I have decided to respect my friends privacy and give my friend an alias: ocho treinta y uno.

Not by any means related to my dear friend, Chad Ocho cinco...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

FOUND: MALI-"DO" (Round 2)

DO #1: Spend the entire day outside until the sun goes down

DO #2: Learn how to Kitesurf

Do #3: Remember which house is yours... it is awkward walking into someone else's house

DO # 4: LE DJ. All-day

DO #5: Bring Smirnoff Ices, if you yourself want to be responsible for drinking them. SUCKA.

DO # 6: Call Animal Rescue when you see an abandoned baby sea lion

Do #7: Get Brad ICED again. HAHAHAHAH

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

FOUND: Starbucks VIA

When I got into the office today, I found a box of Starbucks VIA next to our usual spread of Wednesday Krispy Kremes. I double donut fisted, so it took a return trip to the kitchen before I figured out what this VIA situation was all about.

Essentially it was a box of individually packaged Sweetened Instant Iced Starbucks Coffee packets... now.....

First off- I don't drink Starbucks
Second off -I don't usually drink anything sweetened
Third off- Instant coffee should only exist for the purpose of making brownies, Instant is just not worthy of drinking

Forth off- I hate that by individually packaging them, they create waste... waste on top of the millions of non-biodegradable logoed Starbucks cups and straws that go into our landfill daily

Fifth off- It is 100 calories for the packet.... and I would rather eat another 1/2 of a donut and drink my water instead.

So naturally I picked up a packet and poured it into my Starbucks Plastic Cup filled with ice and water.

I figured, with so much I don't like about this concept, I just need to be really sure when I put it down publicly.

Well as math has taught us all: five negatives do not make a positive.... and VIA is not a POSITIVE.

THIS RANT HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Lucy, girl who would be in a better mood if she wasn't still craving a 1/2 of a donut.

Monday, June 14, 2010

FOUND: Jimmy Kimmel Green Room

Jimmy Kimmel is the ONLY show that I not only Tivo, but I legitimately and publicly consider myself a
Fan of.... oh and and openly discuss. Many of you know, laughing out loud while watching TV does not come easy. Unless I am shamelessly laughing directly at some pathetic soul who is doing a mighty fine job of self-exploitation on a reality show. While I am at it, I rarely laugh out loud in movies. Oh and I hate Comedy shows, but that is obvious. (Listen: I genuinely love laughing, so it pains me when it doesn't come organically)

It may be blasphemous to declare to all of you: "The Office doesn't make me laugh... " But I am speaking the truth.

That said, it is shows like FRIENDS, where you watch over 3 episodes and your prediction of the punch-line is part of your experience... to me... it leaves me agitated. Mostly the writing is what lacks... and there is nothing an actor can do about that.

Jimmy Kimmel has pretty much kept my laughter on it's toes ever since he came into my life as Jimmy the Sports Guy (KROQ) during my triumphantly awkward "tween" years. Today, I find a large amount of comfort in watching his show, and my laughter is genuine.

So, as you could imagine, when Abigail's friend who works on the show offered us access to the "oh-so" spectacular Jimmy Kimmel Green Room, this Thursday.... it honestly was an "awkward tween's" dream come true.

Broken Bells & Jimmy Kimmel= not a bad combo at all !

My Plan: Use free booze strategically* to calm unhealthy levels of excitement and neutralize blushing

*This does not mean: Drink Drink Drink, Dance at Teddy's, Drink Drink Drink, Double Doubles at In-N-Out, Cab Cab Cab home.

FOUND: MALI- "DO" List (round 1)

When Hayes invited a group of us to head out to his Mali-pad....We grabbed our boogie boards, six packs, and headed Northbound on PCH.

When you are in Malibu there are a number of unspoken "Do's" and "Don'ts" one should follow:

Do #1 : Bring a Boogie Board.
Do #2: Pose on a Prius (In my case, convince a friend to)

Do #3: Pose with your boogie boards

Do #4: Sit on a rock and take a photo that you can longingly look at on Monday and remember how you spent your weekend and how you are to plan your next return.

Do #5: Eat a multitude of tacos from the taco lady, hired to grill "street tacos" all day... (I have her card, FYI she doesn't just cater the beaches of Malibu. She is usually set up outside of the Hideout)


So it was the battle of my passports on Saturday.... a battle where I should feel completely conflicted... who do I support? Well, that was a question much easier to answer than I expected. USA.

Plain and simple, I am an American, though my alcohol induced Madonna accent that slides out occasionally, might fool you into believing I am a "Brit-A-Be". Quite frankly, I am British only through Passport, though if I ever had the chance to be on the GENERATION GAME, I would consider giving up my American citizenship.

So a group of us headed early morning to CAPITOL CITY, which was the obvious place to be... I mean, there are tv screens in the bathrooms. Now that is the kind of dedication I want a sports bar to be to THE GAME.

Katie organized a cabana which housed our USA Riot Squad.

We all got matching tattoos to show our American support.

Our "private" Cabana with 50 inch flat screen, looked out onto the outdoor patio packed with cheering fans, scarves, beers, banners, flags!

Cobi Jones was at Capitol City, just reinforcing what we were already thing... We were at the right venue watching.

U S A.... U S A!!! (note to friends: probably best you never give me a drum, you will surely regret it)

Next time I will be in my Jersey. Village Idiot 7am, this Friday. USA vs Slovenia

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