Monday, May 31, 2010

FOUND: the best thing I ever made

The office had a premiere party for the current show I am working on right now. Given the name of the show: the best thing I ever ate, it was only appropriate that we have a potluck competition called the best thing I ever made.

I submitted two dishes for the two categories- sweet & savoury. My tomato pudding & PB and walnut brownies, sadly did not even come close to winning, in either category. I was hoping to score the gift certificates to church and state & phillippes.

One of my favorite dishes included the naked velvet cupcakes....yummy little Albinos....

The sweet table...

The savory table...

My table..,

friend encouraged me to stuff the ballot boxes.. I was to busy stuffing my face.

Next season I'm making something with puff pastry and cheese. You can't compete with those ingredients.

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FOUND: rooftop don't stop

John hosted a rooftop party in Santa Monica over the weekend, complete with pinatas filled with cheap Mexican candy.... Unfortunately I had a wedding to attend and had to peel out before the bats came out. This was the perfect entrypoint for us all into the summer season: 75 degrees, sun blazing, beverages crisping in the coolers, and dancing tunes aplayin'.

Marissa made an appearance. She came all the way from sf for the party... Such a treat.

Sadly I missed the sunset. Gladly I was there for the majority of the day!

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Friday, May 28, 2010

FOUND: parks kore-and BBQ and Sony

Joe had to leave town to produce a show about youth obesity and overeating, so obviously I took it as my duty to show him firsthand what he would be witnessing on his production journies.

Korean BBQ has a superior design to most non-American food in my book, a large quantity of tiny plates, all to be shared, freshly grilled food where you control it's preparation.... Mostly I love that no matter how much I eat, I never feel an innapropriate amount of fullness.

Our VIP room, bc of joes "connections"

Hit up two hites! Suck it, sapporro!

Sneaky shot.

Would love to find out where they bought the dried fish placed above door... My apartment doorframe was looking a bit bare.

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FOUND: Matteo ohhhhhhhhh!

I never knew the importance of high-thread count cotton sheets, until two sets were bestowed upon me last week. My poly-flannel cardboard sheets (essentially sweat-conductors), were immediately stripped from my bed and replaced with organic cotton sheets from the heavens. Apparently I didn't know heaven existed on earth and you can go there - MATTEO, in downtown LA.

My dad stumbled upon their sample sale last week while biking from work to lunch... and the lightbulb went off in his head... cue bedding shopping frenzy.

THANKS DAD, TRULY AN EPIC BIRTHDAY GIFT. I ALREADY WROTE MY BOSS A LETTER EXPLAINING WHY I WILL BE LATE TO WORK EVERYDAY FROM THIS POINT FORWARD. A bed this heavenly needs to be celebrated every minute possible. No longer am I the girl who pops out of bed, a beat before the alarm sounds.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

FOUND: Winter Mix for Summer

So I was randomly researching new bands I had found on and Yes, Giantess was one of the ones I was most interested in. I dug into their blog a bit and found this mix that I felt so compelled to share that everyone on my AIM list got a message from me with a link to it. I also did the obligatory post to Facebook. Should you not have been bombarded by me yet, here is an opportunity for you to join in on the dance festivities!


Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce - Telephone (Passion Pit Remix)

• Santigold - Creator (Photomachine Remix)

• Slayer - Raining Blood (FnDannyBoy Remix) • Diplo - Bart Bmore Miz

• Thunderheist - Bubblegum (Hatchmatik Remix) • Gui Boratto - Beautiful Life

• Beyonce - Single Ladies (Redtop Remix)

• Miley Cyrus - Party In The USA (Yes Giantess Remix)

• Daft Punk - Aerodynamic (Funkstar Remix)

• Rochelle - Chin Up (Andy George Dub)

• N.A.S.A. ft. Kanye West. Santigold & Lykke Li - Gifted (Steve Aoki Remix)

• Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed (Russ Chimes Remix) • Rob Threezy - You Bad

• Yes Giantess - The Ruins (Fear of Tigers Remix)

FOUND: 1 Kalbi w/ a side of RAIN


So for some reason, when it rains... I crave.

My cravings are for some kalbi/bulgogi/mandoo action.

The miso soup, fresh & fermented salad, grilled meat, warm scooped rice balls... it is surprisingly my go-to comfort food, who knew. Perhaps the obsession derived from rainy days past in Elementary school. I found myself cooped up indoors, playing hours of heads-up Seven-up and while I opened up my moldy lunch bag to a soggy sandwich of last-nights-dinner between two pieces of whole wheat bread.... my Korean friends all opened up their bento-box contraptions to toasty warm meals that would steam up the classroom like a Korean spa of smelly bbq-cuisine. I was beyond envious and was well aware that trading the only "treats" in my semi-macrobiotic lunch- slices of jicama and asian pear- would not warrant a Mandoo in exchange.

Now that I am older... I can afford the $10 and satisfy the craving the moment I see the first puddle that fills out the pothole in front of my office building. On that note, looks like the puddle has filled & Chef Kim is waiting for me to pick up my lunch. I must be off!

FOUND: Lafcadio is for Lovers

Do yourself and read this book.

If you are too cheap to buy it...

Just sit on the floor at Barnes & Nobility like I do, and I promise, 20 minutes well spent, without spending a cent!

It is worth the purchase, te lo prometo!

FOUND: Falling Bear

That is all.

wait, doesn't it look like he missed the safety pillow?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So I went to see Iron Man with some friends and in the lobby of the theater there was an abandoned table filled with stacks of posters from the movie, EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP.

Now, I haven't seen the movie yet... but I am aware of Mr Brainwash and attended his big "ART SHOW 2009", when I worked on Hell's Kitchen and they used the bottom floor of our Production Building to house his artwork for the show. Anywho, I was entering through the lobby and saw these posters which I was informed were "free" and grabbed massive quantities of each. they may be posters, but for a poor art-lover and story-teller, these are just the ticket for my walls in my dining room.

"THIS" and my Posters.... perfect combo.

Ok, I could have done a better job at telling this story, but I am trying to leave the office.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

FOUND: Stereomood-ring-ing in my ears

My friend Angelic who is my official "music-guru" informed me about this fantastic website: . I plugged my headset right in and she got me hook, line, and sinker obsessed with this site.

behind every song there's always an emotion. we don't know why but maybe that's why we love music.

so we've created a way to suggest songs that follow your feelings: stereomood is the emotional internet radio, providing music that best suits your mood and your activities.

how do i feel? what am i doing now?

Since I have discovered it, I have it constantly streaming on my computer as I "write". I recommend listening to WRITE when you are writing, it is a fantastic collection of songs, some you will recognize, others not.


Here are some fantastic new song discoveries I have made because of this site:

your ex-lover is dead- stars

the greatest- cat power

noah's ark - cocorosie

silver dagger- fleet foxes

shooting stars- bag raiders

bat for lashes- use somebody (remake)


There are a handful of signs sprinkled across the LA landscape that have left a sizable impact on me as a child. I was a "visual stimulant" addicted tot with my face perma-pressed to the family station wagon window. Drowning out the faint monotonic voices of NPR commentators inside the car with optical noise that dazzled and engaged me passing me from outside at an average of 30 miles per hour.

So last week, when out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a workman aggressively prying off the letters from the Continental Graphics building (est. 1931) on La Brea... I felt it my duty to pull over. I had to pay homage, as I was a native Angelena... and a lifelong Fan of this very signage... It was apparent it was all over. (RANDOM FACT: At age 9, I actually named one of the lions on the sign.... LAFCADIO...a shel silverstein reference ) Not to state the obvious but, it's tragic when a city's landscape changes and the wall paper of your history is stripped away, and replaced with tacky condo buildings blanketed in sheets of temporary supergraphics.

My instinct: to collect a piece of this history... my visual history... so that is what I set out to do. I whipped around the corner- flipped my hazards on and ditched my car. While I played in my head the conversation I was to have with the man donning the prying device and official orange jacket, ready to explain why I wanted to keep the letters from the sign..

I looked up to see 3 mustached hipsters in suspenders jumping out of their mini, ready for a full court press. *They apparently just got done with watching "9 BY DESIGN " on bravo together!

FUCK. There was no way I could come out of this situation a winner. There were three of them and their car was strategically parked in front. Though the suspenders they strapped-on were merely acting as band-aids to their petite and fragile physical frames, I was still the underdog.

They apparently saw the same "iron opportunities" being ripped from the wall as well, my brisk walk swiftly converted into a hustle as they were quickly chucking letters one by one into the trunk.

I swooped in, made no effort at small talk, and filled my arms with letters, emptying the plastic garbage bag the worker was filling and went on my merry way, not even looking back to acknowledge the 3 mustached mice.


Hmmm, So I came up with a couple options for letter placement a la BOGGLE.... Tis, Hits, Hit, This, Sit.... oh SIT , I like that.

I called my brother for design advice and told him I was thinking of putting SIT above my toilet in my bathroom... he said... if you are going there.. you might as well write the word SHIT. You have all the letters.

Needless to say, I have decided against his suggestion, I may be vulgar, but that is too blatant. I am going to put up the word THIS on my wall in the dining room. (Photos posted soon. )

All in all, I am pleased with my outcome and happy that I managed to salvage a piece of my history that I will have the pleasure of looking at for as long as I can handle reading the word THIS. Who knows I might just take my brother up on his idea if I get bored with it visually.

MY ONLY REGRET: if only I was there when they removed the lion from the building face. LAFCADIO would have perfectly fit on my dining room wall.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

FOUND: Building Spring BBQ

Spring was officially kicked off on Martel last weekend.
The menu was intense, my stomach hasn't seen expansion like that since last Thanksgiving.
Our neighborly tradition: is every seasonal change, we gather together, potluck style: to eat, drink, and be loud... .

The Menu was Impressive, indeed:

Stephanie's Strawberry Tart

Denny's Garlic knots

Pork Tenderloin & Apricot & Bacon Skewers , marinated in a chili sauce... Amazingness....

Massive Cheese platter from Whole "Paycheck"

James' Nudweiser brew

Grilled Veggies & Hamburgers

Fresh Ceviche from Santa Monica Seafood

Heirloom tomato & Burrata Toasts on homemade bread....

Homemade Banana pudding with a topping of toasted Nilla wafers

Needless to say, my neighbors are all talented in the kitchen and at the grill.

Our Summer BBQ could not come soon enough!

FOUND: $20 Fresh & Easy

Most of you know I frequent the Hollywood Farmer's Market every Sunday, rain or shine. What most of you don't know, is that I typically go as early as my body allows me, so as to avoid the crowds...the heat... and get first picks on all the good fresh produce. Oh and usually I go alone, as it is much more efficient.

Today, I really got a solid bang for my $20 bucks and to top it off, I was in/out in less than 30 minutes. Here's my strategy: keep a wad of cash in hand, throughout the experience.... don't put the money in your wallet. Remember your favorite vendors locations and don't forget to carry exact change.

So Today I got :

1 Bunch of Broccolini
1 Bunch of Pea Shoots
1 Basket of Strawberries
1 Basket of Heirloom Tomatoes
1 Loaf of Sourdough Rosemary & Garlic Bread
4 Lemons
5 Avocados
1 bunch of mint
1 Bean & cheese papusa
1 Strawberry Lemonade!

Come on, you can't beat- LOCAL / CHEAP/ FRESH/ AND ORGANIC!!

FOUND: Larchmont Larder

Pulled together a last luncheon spread with a friend... popped over to the Larder to pick up some odds and ends. Set up my parent's back "garden-room" with the sandwich fixings and chatted & chewed the day away! I am so glad that there is an alternative to Joan's on Third that is in closer proximity to my parent's house and without a "Sceney-Madness" that you always have to dodge.

Definitely go to the Larder if you want some pre-prepared goodness.

FOUND:shellbacks against the wall

Got lost on my way to manhattan beach, so missed the "beach" element of Laura's beach bday. Though I did made it just in time for a couple hours at shellbacks tavern and a good old fashioned game of JUST DANCE on wii. I am pretty convinced I need to purchase one of these things the kinds call "wii", the game alone provided an intense physical work out that my body hadn't seen for at least a week.

Pep talk before the game.

What's going on in your head Michael?

Lisa vs Michael- the ultimate dance off...

I would like to give thanks to our sponsor for the evening: budweiser.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

FOUND: Lucy & Willie

Did I mention I am friends with Willie? No?

I ran into him at Cha Cha and we hit it Off Off!

Joe requested I make this my facebook profile picture... meh, I will wait until I meet Willie in person.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

FOUND: neon glasses

Summer 2010 gotta have item:
Glow in the dark neon glasses.


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FOUND:food truck lot....

Catherine and I had a field trip to eat! The field trip took us to a random lot by lax. We were open to the adventure and ravenous....

We arrived at food truck island and decided to divide and conquer. Buttermilk and phamish were our two selections- Bahn mi with a breakfast dessert.

Red velvet cupcakes, in the consistancy of pancakes....

Found a flame in a truck - domo arrigato- all for show

French toast stick anyone? Tastes like churro.

Thanks buttermilk boy! We owe you one!

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FOUND: dodger ball

Given a dodger game ball by a groundsman. Made my month!