Monday, March 1, 2010

FOUND: Nauseous in Pink

Most of you are well aware of my current state of unemployment... and all of the creative ways I keep myself entertained.

Did you know it is Prom Season once again? No? Maybe because we are so old now we forget that there is a whole season that is married to PROM. A time where:

GIRLS gush about dresses, hair styles, nail colors, and dates...
GUYS focus on strategies to hide sneak in booze, limo deals, and post-prom festivities.

As a Prom-tribute, I decided I would go prom dress shopping with a goal of finding a prom-stopping dress for the imaginary prom I was planning to attend with the hunky Start-Up-Geek that I met last weekend in SF at the Re:Party.

This pink tutu layered situation was the clear winner.

* If you could tell from the strained look on my face, I tried desperately to contain my laughter as the high schooler I asked to photograph me commented, "I must try that on after you, it's kickin' !"

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