Tuesday, March 29, 2011

FOUND: graffiti mecca

The abandoned warehouse on La Brea is one of my favorite buildings in Los Angeles.
It's a magnet for spray paint cans and poster glue and me, of course.

I can't help but crane my neck around to ohhh and Ahhh. On many occasions I have pulled over to examine the artwork up close and see all of the new pieces.

Now I work across the street from the building, so I easily can indulge my intrigue.

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FOUND: Facebook cigarettes

A nice smooth drag of a Facebook social cigarette. Ahhh!

Had to take a photo of this graffiti art as I passed on my walk to the tattoo shop, love the social commentary on social media. (as you read this on my blog)

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Monday, March 28, 2011

FOUND: Cafe Vida

I'm an eastsider for life, but I have to admit that the huevos rancheros at Cafe Vida tempts me to don my hoodie and sneak over to the palisades every now and again.

Oh and the multigrain pancakes... Don't get me started! There was no question of ordering a side of pancakes.

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FOUND: life's a beach!

Had the first spring BBQ at the beach. It wasn't warm enough to eat outside yet, but when it is, I will be there.

Yes, that's a pineapple with sunglasses on!

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

FOUND: south by south.. Well hello there

I couldn't resist sharing this guy I saw at sxsw. Full gold body suit and Russian white fur hat. I wanted to share a full frontal of him.... But it would have had to have been blurred.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

FOUND:the redbury

A friend invited me to a production mixer that The Redbury, a new SBE establishment, hosted for us. Essentially, it was a private party serving Katsuya and Cleo food and cocktails, for the seven of us who attended.

It was a dream

The hotel rooms were super-deluxe luxe! Obviously a place I would stay if I had a little too much to drink after a night dancing at Avalon.

Or let's be honest, after a night of excessive eating... At Cleo.

Loved the attention to the public spaces and dare I say, "oriental carpeting" in the elevators. ahhhh

Yes, we crashed the Dewar's sponsored party downstairs mistakenly before the mixer. Not so mistakenly we crashed again just in time for Joel Mchale's performance. teehee

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

LOST: voice

It happened again... I partied too hard, slept too little, talked too much and officially lost my voice.

Probably not a good thing I'm starting my new job in a matter of days. Woops

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FOUND: solar stage

GE sponsored a free party complete with Solar Carousel and music stage. Michael Cera's band performed and we lounged and recharged off of solar.

Marissa rides and tweets about it, can't take the tweet out of the tech nerd.

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FOUND: sleigh bells

Santa was nowhere in sight at this concert.... But it sure felt like Christmas at this Zynga party... With both Sleigh Bells and TV on The Radio doing private concerts.

Food spread: The tacos and ribs and moon pie spreads were fit for a king and this peon felt like a queen.

Decor: loved the old school video games, nice touch for this game company.

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FOUND: hobby art 2

Couldn't resist a second posting

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FOUND: hipster ride

Marissa and I had to take a ride on the 'stach we found on austin's eastside. We teetered and tottered.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

FOUND: Wall of Emos

Apparently a famous poster artist did this.., but I forgot who.

Yes, I'm that useless.

I did capture some bathroom wall art as well, artist also unknown.

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FOUND: glowing specs and trimmed 'staches

Cabbed over to Grand Prix for some bachloretting with Lily.

We were prepared for the blackout.
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FOUND: cool haus Austin x 2

Probably dangerous that I introduced the mint ice cream sandy to Marissa... Now I have additional peer pressure on top of the addiction.

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FOUND: buenos aires cafe

The morning we had to head out of Austin we decided we would need a feast with substance, no more food trucks for us.

We randomly selected the buenos aires cafe on the eastside and I ate the best sandwich of my life!

Grilled beef tenderloin covered in chimicurri sauce and served in a freshly baked italian roll. The French fries changed my life.

I repeat changed my life. Go there if you want to know what a steak sandwich should taste like.

Friday, March 18, 2011

FOUND: from Facebook to Facebook

This past week was sponsored by Facebook courtesy of mallorie who works for them and marissa who has them as her client.

Between the two of them we hit every Facebook function. Bless their hearts, as I got to see The Kills do a private concert.

Hi steve. You look like a creeper. Stop staring at me.


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FOUND: the local yoke

Wandered around the outskirts of the Fader Fort at sxsw and came upon a permanent food truck lot. The trucks were so much more charming than any I had seen before. There was even a truck called Pig Vicious.

I ordered a GIRL CHEESE.

Yes,I found a melted pat of butter between the slices of cheese. My kind of GIRL!

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The last time I put on these glasses was for captain EO at Disneyland circa 88. It brought back the memories. Ahhh

Went to the sxsw pitchfork party where they doled these bad boys out to watch a mediocre movie. I felt like I was cheating on MJ, so promptly took the off.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

FOUND: MMMpanadas

Woke up and found this MMMpanada truck parked near our hotel. $4 for a warmed goat cheese spinach toasty nugget. And done! Mmmmmm

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FOUND: Austin convention center of attention

Convention events simply overstimulate me. There, I said it. It's like an adult carnival: I want to see everything, hear everyone, meet everyone, win everything, play everything.... The list goes on and on. I am so relieved that I have a number of guides who make sure I do the best of everything, because otherwise I would have likely assumed the fetal position upon entry.

See the badge, it's official.

Marissa found a dance game console while I was an entertained spectator. I'm no dance dance revolutionary.

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