Tuesday, March 23, 2010

FOUND: St Patty's something

Met my dear cousins Meg and Kelsey for drinks / dinner at Motorino, an East Village pizza hot spot where you can't make reservations. We imbibed next door during our hour long wait- but let me tell you, the wait was worth it.

I mean, we are talking serious pizza here! We obviously ordered 3! Eating is family hobby, actually more of a sport, a sport we take VERY seriously.

I received a text mid-meal from mom, "check your email". Apparently my mom who was in Boca grande was seated at dinner with my aunts (Kels& Meg's moms) and wanted us to see the "3 hot babes" together. We of course responded with a photo too in an email entitled- "3 hotter babes".

So love and cherish how close we are as a family and enjoy each others company!

After a pizza dinner that pretty much rivaled a mozza dinner experience, I popped out for drinks with Kelsey her husband and their friends at a bar that I didn't note the name of when I walked in, my focus was more along the lines of beer selection.

Jockies running on the ceiling!

Kelsey, the newly wed!

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