Tuesday, May 31, 2011

FOUND: Mt.Washington

Went up to Steph's into the mountain of Washington for memorial day weekend.

I got to meet her cat, Lola and her boyfriend, Bruce and I got to intimately meet her Grill...

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FOUND: simple things

All I wanted was to love this new dining establishment a block from Joans on 3rd.... Sadly when I crunched into the quartersized egg shell that sliced the inside of my mouth... I lost my appetite for the place.

I will quickly do a breakdown:
Many seats avail- plus
Solid menu offerings- plus
Decent prices ($2 less that Joans)-plus

Eggshell in eggs Benedict- minus
Server who could have cared less- minus

Altogether- meh. Maybe I'll go for a pie.... But that's when Joans is closed. Just saying.

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FOUND: last day on set

I was a bit emotional today, being that I had to say goodbye to the crew today. Now I'll be just another lookyloo- Craning my next as I drive by the shop on La Brea.

What made my day? Someone at the shop has their knuckles named Lucy.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

FOUND: inks

Colors tell a story
The ink permanent
The artist,a story-crafter
The machine draws invited pain

The palette makes me itch to mark my own story...

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FOUND: do you doodle?

In the shop I found this book....

I would have shared other doodles- alas- they were rated R.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

FOUND: is your cat preggers?


Abigail and I hit up Currywurst in silverlake with a friend of ours from Austria... And forced him to speak in German so we could feel like we were transported to Germany. I'm kidding. ( ok now I'm lying)

I would have taken a photo of the dish, but I ate it in a blink.

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FOUNDS: legalize gay

Today was Legalize Gay Day on set today... I thought I would show support for all of my gay friends!!!

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Friday, May 20, 2011

FOUND: mr brainwash on la brea

Mr. Brainwash kindly gave me a personal tour of his 72k sq ft space where he will be having his next LA show. Funny that I called the building in a previous blog post a "graffiti Mecca". It's so appropriate that he would be doing his show there, of all places, in September.

I'm very impressed with his entire undertaking and the fact that he took time out of his graffiting for little ole me..

That said, is it graffiti if you are leasing the building!?

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FOUND: day at work

Just another day at work...

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I had no idea the brilliance that is Thomas Keller... Until my friend Andrea prepared one of the most incredible meals of my life.

To start with the Asparagus coins changed my life.

Then came the celery root which was as creamy as scalloped potatoes and yet had a fantastic crunchy texture... And the short rib.... Don't even get me started.

It has been determined the best key lime pie in LA can be found at Susina.... Which should be renamed- Susinahhhhh

A meal I need to learn how to construct myself.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

FOUND: old skool tattoos

I have a newfound obsession.... It's tattooing...haven't noticed yet?

Here's a homemade tattoo cart that I saw in the exhibit at MOCA. Fascinated me.

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FOUND: canned craft beers

There was an article in Antenna that featured a list of new canned brew offerings.... Canned craft is all the rage.

When I was at The Standard I got a Porkslap pale ale. I was pleasantly surprised and my wallet felt a bit more comfortable paying for the $8 beer option than $10 at Le Bain.

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FOUND: beauty and Essex

Meggie took me to Beauty & Essex, for a proper cocktail.

We walked into what looked like a glamorized pawn shop to have a door opened to a superbly glitzed out boozeria & eatery.

The gimlet might have been the best of my life and he was willing to serve it on the rocks, thank goodness...

The dining room was a stunner with a glassed roof dropping and spreading some of the most fantastic natural light into the space. It was pure sophistication and not a cent was spared, every corner was attended to, including the...


Which came complete with a Complimentary Champagne Bar. TIP: Ladies, don't forget to bring your purses down or just your ID... and don't forget to tip. It's free for heavens-sake....

I indulged.... that goes without saying...
And the pink champagne induced buzz compelled to take an obligatory "Artsy Fartsy" Foto.... apparently I like to believe I am an artist after a cocktail and a glass of champagne. Bubbly lighting ...

FOUND: Cart for a Cause $150

CULINARY CAUSE At NOBU Los Angeles, the third in a series of exclusive, Pop-up Gourmet events to benefit
St. Vincent Meals On Wheels

Chef Alex Becker, NOBU Los Angeles
Sommelier Stacie Hunt, Splash Productions
Sister Alice Marie Quinn,
Founder and Executive Director, St. Vincent Meals On Wheels

Sunday, May 22
6:30 pm hors d'oeuvres
7:00 pm Dinner

NOBU Los Angeles
Atrium Room
903 North La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90069

Chef Becker’s innovative Omakase menu includes:
Kumamoto Oysters
Salmon New Style; Beef Ribeye Anticucho 

and a Chocolate Bento for dessert.

Wine and sake pairings will include:
NV Montelliana Prosecco, Extra Dry, Italy,
’09 Hugel Gentile Alsace, France,
’09 Sorin Rose, Provence, France
interchanged with
Chokaisan Junmai Daiginjo and Manabito Kimoto Junmai Ginjo.


  • Alex Quint Becker, Executive Chef at Nobu Los Angeles, brings years of experience and a creative talent to the famed Nobu empire. Night after night, Becker and his highly trained staff continue to uphold the solid reputation of Nobu Matsuhisa’s world-renowned cuisine. Furthermore, he has put his own twists on Nobu’s Peruvian-influenced fare, creating local dishes such as Wagyu Tacos, Foie Gras Crispy Soba, and Avocado-crusted Sea Bass which have developed a loyal following, leaving Angelenos craving for more. Prior to his current position at Nobu West Hollywood, Becker spent two years at Nobu 57 in New York. Becker proved himself as an innovative chef and in 2007 went on to open the Waikiki Nobu location as Sous Chef. Before becoming a part of the Nobu family, Becker spent time mastering his craft in Caluso, Italy where he studied at the Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners, worked at Michelin Star Ristorante Gardenia di Caluso, and most importantly, submerged himself in the rich, Italian culture. Becker’s refined training combined with his creativity, passion, and adventurous nature make him an obvious success at Nobu West Hollywood, where diners from around the world gather to experience world-renowned cuisine.
  • Culinary Cause, an extension of SVMOW’s Cart For A Cause, is a series of exclusive, Pop-Up Gourmet dining events in Los Angeles benefitting St. Vincent Meals on Wheels. All events will feature complete, multi-course meals, created and prepared by a host of popular, talented L.A. –area chefs. Seating is limited to thirty guests who will gather at different Los Angeles locations. Among the other celebrated, L.A.-area chefs committed to the “Cause” are Michael Fiorelli of mar’sel at Terranea Resort, Joseph Miller of Joe’s Restaurant, Evan Kleiman of Angeli Caffe, Christian Schmidt of Terranea Resort, with more to come.

Click here for more on last month’s Culinary Cause Pop-ups

  • Stacie Hunt is an AIS Certified Sommelier and Guild of Sommeliers member. Hunt is the on-air wine reporter for “Good Food with Evan Kleiman,” on NPR member station KCRW and the National Wine Examiner for In addition to being the co-founder of Splash Productions, Hunt blogs as Sommelier on the newly She i s an associate partner in Du Vin Wine & Spirits, a destination wine shop in West Hollywood. She is the national spokesperson for the Baja Winemakers’ Association and serves on the Board of Directors of the Specialty Wine Retailers Association (SWRA)
  • St. Vincent Meals-on-Wheels, the largest privately-funded organization of its kind in the country, serves over 4,700 meals a day, 365 days a year. Annually, over 1.1 million meals are prepared and delivered to people in Los Angeles, including homebound senior citizens, disabled and terminally ill patients and homeless adults and children.

For Reservations please contact Patricia Barrett at St. Vincent Meals on Wheels by phone (213) 484-7128 or with preferred date and number of guests. Cost for this intimate evening of food, wine and sake is $150 per person, with all proceeds from the evening going directly to SVMOW. Seating is limited.

FOUND: food truck derby

While my friends were watching the derby, I was eating at a derby. This derby included free beer, free music and lots of free food from food trucks, couldn't turn that down. Thank you Hyundai & Antenna Magazine for sponsoring this FREE FEST. In this economy I am shocked they offer anything for free.

The music was actually quite good and was a nice break from the feasting held outdoors. I was mostly in a food coma during the indoor stints, so pretty much don't remember any of the bands I was listening to....

Yes that is bacon crumbles on top of the nutella brownie from the LARDON truck... DON mind if I do!

Joe pounded the brews, as he walked from his house to the party in Hollywood.

I loved the coupon system, they gave you a sheet of 6 coupons that you could cash for one item at each of the 6 trucks. I thought I could make it through my coupon book, but my appetite could only handle 3 trucks. The owner of the Great Balls on Tires truck generously gifted me a entire plate of delish meatballs and I have to say I hoovered them down as quickly as I could, preventing me from exploring the other trucks.

The event was a total hit and the freebies on the way out, only reinforced that more. I thought the food truck rage was kinda over.... but after that event... I say... RAGE ON! The trucks are here to stay.

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Y. E. S. Please. As a big scrabble enthusiast, This is the perfect gift.

3 cases- for $55

Saturday, May 14, 2011

FOUND: lily & James beard

Had to kill an hour before meeting up with a friend so I did the obvious thing one does in Chelsea... Go to the market.

I popped into the James beard popup and my mind was popped when I ran into a friend from college.

She generously treated to me an insane lunch and even gave me an oversized chef coat to cover my stainable garb.

No big deal, she was working the event.... So I got to chat and chew!

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