Wednesday, March 17, 2010

FOUND: lax min. Arrival time

Brooks powerdrove me to LAX this morning. I learned you can arrive 10 mins before boarding and still make it on your flight if you do the following:

1- just have a carryon
2- take elevator to VIP American airlines entrance- they will cut u ahead and not even look at ur tix
3- while in security line, beg to cut the gentleman in front of u while you seductively shed layers in front on him
3- manically sprint down the airport hallway "home alone" style, with no shame
4- catch the flight attendant before she closes the gate, insisting that you are unemployed and can't afford another flight
5- pray there is room in the overhead compartments
6- pray your seatmate doesn't mind sweat
7-send text to your bro thanking him for speeding and telling him you don't need him to pick you up.

- Likely posted with typos from my iPhone

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