Tuesday, March 9, 2010

FOUND: I Confess...

I got side-tracked and watched a couple hours of mindless TV (back to back of JKLive)... of which... I would recommend that you watch : I LOVE YOU JIMMY.

My seed of interest was first planted when you were just Jimmy the Sports guy on KROQ.... and man has it blossomed!

Keep up the good work & Keep me laughing! Please!

Ok, back to my blog. I am pretty pathetic tonight, I failed my own mission: I am not going to finish my assignment.

It will have to wait 'Til tomorrow!

My housekeeper came today and perfectly made my bed... and I desperately want to tuck myself into it and crack into this month's Book Club Book: Under the Banner of Heaven. Nothing better than a bed made by someone else.


1-Cider / Post-it party

2-Chateau Marmont Courtyard

3-Oscars-w huevos

4-Highlights, was a low light

5-Gallery opening

6-Jones cocktails

7-Jin w/ Joe , Sippin on Jin

8-Las Perlas

9-Jacuzzi Clothed

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