Tuesday, March 9, 2010

FOUND: Guilt... (mine)

So, after receiving a multitude of emails (2) insisting that I not neglect my blog any longer, I finally have reached a point of guilt that is unbearable...

Truth be told, I have been cheating on my blog with another writing endeavor... one that I can't yet share with you. (you being my audience of two).

I have much to catch you up on and have decided I will punish myself/reward you with 10 or more posts today. I am off to the Getty right now so don't have the time to post them just yet, but wait patiently, they will be hammered out before the end of the day deadline I assigned myself.

Self-generated reminder list , in no particular order;

1-Top chef taping, near dad's office

2-Cider / Post-it party

3-Chateau Marmont Courtyard

4-Oscars-w huevos

5-Highlights, was a low light

6-Gallery opening

7-Fish Grill Dinner of Champions

8-Jones cocktails

9-Eco- red cup idea

10-Jin w/ Joe , Sippin on Jin

11-Nelson Cookies

12-Elvis, The Radio Man

13- House in SM/Palisades & Fabio & K-mozart song of day


  1. I am eagerly awaiting said blog posts.

  2. Thanks for the support... I am just starting... like a college essay I have put off to the last minute. I have given myself until 9pm to post everything... wish me luck... I hope my professor doesn't fail me!


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