Friday, July 29, 2011


Some bars do a good job of making it feel ok when you are sitting alone.

This one did/does just that.

I sat at the base of a palm tree.
I couldn't have been happier.
My Sierra Nevada summer heffe kept me pretty entertained.

That, and having a blog always offers a good opportunity to fill idle time.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

FOUND: moko

Went to a {**b-a-f-t-a**} event, yes I'm dropping a name, but only because I paid annual dues to them this year and I figure I should get my moneys worth. Starting now. Why not go big with a name drop.

Now let me start with, moko might not even be worthy of typing the four letters that make up it's name. Now don't get me wrong, the food was sensational, however it was all free, so it's hard to be a fair judge. All in all, the real reason I was there for was technically for free dumplings.... Damn I love me a good man-doo.

So I schleped my sister as my official last minute +1 (for life), I bought drinks and chauffeured her, let's be honest, it had to be a fair exchange to get her on board this train.

She willingly picked us up some Brits standing barside while I was harvesting dumplings at the appetizer table.

It was a good 'ole time...

On a more pressing matter,I worried it was obvious to the event planners that I'm only a Brit by passport and not by birth. What clued me in was how they strategically gave me a Blue Colored Visitor "hello my name is" nametag, when I should have had a Red Colored Member one.

I'm left thinking, it was probably one of two things: my pseudo-Madonna lilt in my voice, or my Paul Smith scarf that screamed to the hostess at the door: Look at me I'm trying to be a Brit. I'm not an authentically real one, so I have to put it on.

Needless to say, one of those two things immediately tipped her off to classify me as an outsider. It hurt.

Lesson Learned.

I'll be sure to take it to a higher level of authenticity and stop brushing my teeth entirely, as my newly rotting smile will surely get me my deserved Red badge at the next event.

I'm not sour, just a tad bitter.... But that must come with not being a Brit, but instead only being Brit-ISH.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

FOUND: Ping Pong Dining

The parents are putting in a concrete ping pong table at the ojai farm.

This one that I found, is a ping pong table and an outdoor dining table. Love that it is multi-functional.

Clip the net on and off.

The ping pong trend is blowing up...

apparently NYC are sprinkling some public tables across town. I should remember to bring my racket next time I visit.

FOUND: eraser

This is brilliant.

Makes me want to make mistakes, so I can erase them... to the end.


It might be this country dating show I'm working on, but my fascination with rifles and target practice is at an all time high.

I'm officially sleeping alongside a BB gun.

Good morning day, Goodbye crows.

Yes, I have booked a day of skeet shooting. no I'm not joining the NRA.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

FOUND: schnitzel

The Austrians invited us over to eat schnitzel and it was pretty much the shitzel.

I love walking down speedway the last hour the sun is up.

Sadly Jesus wasn't able to save this bike.

Creeps me every time.

Armin&Birgit, thanks for the authentic austrian meal. Birgit we will miss you when you move back. Vienna here I come!

Armin, thanks for your BB gun, had some target practice this morning. Lots to share.

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FOUND: Toledo

Bought this scale at the melrose trading post. figured it was about time I weigh myself.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

FOUND: cock

And bull

I go here for three things.

Strongbox & HP sauce & darts

Mostly for the darts though.

I like to put in my time with my darts game.

My four all-time favorite games:
1- paddle tennis
4- volleyball

Tonight was especially sad- goodbye Aileen and Louis.

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FOUND: LVing the Bev Cen

Every now and again I look at advertising. It isn't something I do often.

I mostly block it out of my mind, deliberately reading mags without ads, tivoing shows to zip through commercial breaks, paintballing billboards.... You know.

Though today I biked to the Bev Cen. (Mostly for nostalgic purposes... Walking down memory lane at 10am in the deserted mall. Remembering when my parents would drop me for an entire afternoon at the Bev Cen & Connection, it all went downhill when they closed my favorite store at the Connection called THE EDGE.)

Anyway, I passed by the Louis Vuitton store and a photo caught my eye... a stunner of a photo... though closer I noticed it was in fact a LV suitcase sitting along the Ganges River and for some reason the juxtaposition of an incredibly poor man boating alongside a $20k trunk made the hair raise from my arms. It just felt wrong.

This ad upset me, so all I am left to say is - F. L.V.

My guess, that man wasn't paid and will likely never see $20k in his entire life.

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FOUND: vegan glory

The glory of eating in a restaurant alone.

I made the mistake of asking if they could put beef in my dish. I ostracized myself in an empty vegan restaurant. Well done, Lucy. Well done.

The tofu tasted like tofu. I prefer that to fake meat. I eat meat when I want meat flavor.

Have to admit, I'd do it again. Damn good green curry.

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FOUND: tomato pie

Tomato pie might just be one of my favorite quick dining solutions in silverlake.

Obviously I had to order one of everything. They have this insane pizza with spicy peppers, chicken, and ranch dressing. Don't ask. Just order.

I use to eat here twice a week when I worked at authentic ent, back when the office was on Hyperion. It's good to be back.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

FOUND: Ginger altoids

Are facing extinction, I just had to buy them in bulk on amazon.

I went to amazon to rescue them in bulk.

These mints are so troubled, they face being discontinued.

Can the world just stop already with their sugar free gum/mint craze? It tastes like chemical shit and causes cancer. Not that I have an opinion or anything.

Teehee. Just popped two gingermints to calm me. Glad I bought a case.

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FOUND: mohawk bend

The other night at elf, I noticed an old theater is being transformed into a restaurant. Mohawk Bend.

Love that new eastside eateries are surfacing.... Especially ones like this one. High design and the menu looks kickin.

Can't wait for it to open!!!

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FOUND: Talent

Thursday, July 21, 2011

FOUND: soy una madrilena...

Going back to where it all began. Madrid.

No other place to let it all go. I miss the freedom. I miss my piso. I miss my life there.

Just booked my flight there in September... here's the real question.. will I return this time around?

Hard to say... Ferdi y Vero told me I have to stay until I am done writing. (easily said, they write for TV)

Bless their hearts... they have offered to lock me in my bedroom there until I finish. stocked with mahou and rioja of course.

Os veo muy prontitos mis amiguitos!

Tienes que decir a Popy que estoy haciendo... con mis manos.
Besos Enormes!

FOUND: cafe bravo


Bravo.... Indeed

One of the best $7 spent on a dinner- chicken schwarma plate all the way.

The perfect takeaway spot in Silverlake on Hyperion in a strip mall on my way over to Abigails to watch Peep
Show on BBC.

Taboulie, hummus, tatzkiki... Oh my!

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FOUND: birthday book

My birthday. From the Birthday Book

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

FOUND: Bloomfest

My dad just sent this flyer to me.. because he is insanely in the "know" about all things downtown. It helps that he is on the board of the arts district. That aside, this event looks pretty impressive. Sadly I won't be able to attend and support my pappy. If you go, say hi to the bow-tied man, that be my father.

FOUND: miski cooler

One of the food trucks at universal had these amazing bottled coolers. I'm not one to rationalize throwing down $3 for a beverage when I see $3 better spent on a taco.

This drink is worthy. A rarity.

It's a limeaid: with blended cucumbers and jalapeño. The texture is almost a pulpy chewy meal. The jalapeño added a kick and I'm not one to like spice.

If you see the truck, pick one of these guys up!

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One of my favorite sammys of all time is the classic BLT. The Lardon truck does it all sorts of right.

First the baguette was grilled face down and then spread with a mild blue cheese. Lining the inside was a crisp chilled butter lettuce and sprinkled with heirloom tomatoes and three strips of perfectly cooked bacon.

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FOUND: well

Well, done!

$6 pint sized Moscow mules. And scene.

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FOUND: sketch theatre

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FOUND: summer pooling

Bringing it back. Old school summer kick back.

The turban was out.

Hayes was manning the grill.

People were flying in the air.

Photo credits (just the good ones): Eric Locko

Photo credits (the bad ones):me

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