Wednesday, July 28, 2010

FOUND: winner winner

Chicken dinner.

Summer menu a la Brooks:

Lemon rotisserie chicken
Greek salad
Pasta bolognese
Mission street heffe

Wild bluberry cobbler.

I won!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

FOUND: lucies

I have been nicknamed at work. Lucies.

This is because I'm known to end an IES at the end of sentences. You know what I meansies?
I think it all started on the walkie when I replied with "copies".

Look i'm moving up in the world. I have a designated desk, see? It's labeled. Ok, so Fine, I labelled it. But it made me feel better that I misread my call time and arrived on set at 6:30am. 11/2 hrs before my actual call time.

Thank God my VWsies stationwagon=prime napzone.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

FOUND: HOMELESS: The motel kids of Orange County

looks fascinating...

One day I will no longer work in reality TV and that day will be the day I start working in documentary film and decrease my quality of "material" life.

You would think my professional sacrifice to work in a C-List industry would fuel excessive TV watching... for "research purposes"... though I feel myself drawn to watch documentary film instead. It would probably help if I had HBO.

For now I must leave work early so that I can Tivo this film at my parents house.

The content of this film I suspect will make me grateful that I have:
1- a paying job
2-paying job I actually love, despite how many people frown upon reality tv
3-a tv set
4- a tv set with hbo at my parents house
5- and a set of parents who still let me tivo at their house

FOUND: Free Bees


FOUND: avoca-dos

During the avoca-do season I have a list of "do"s that I would like to share with you. As the last episode we shot was on a property with an avocado tree I managed to pick 1/2 dozen a day, to keep my diet at bay...

Do- pick them off of trees hanging over public sidewalks

Do-share your pickings with your friends

Do- work all recipes around the avocado, breakfast lunch and dinner

Do-let me know when you need an avocado.....

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

FOUND: A Biergarten in Ktown?

Biergarten has beer and yet no garden.

I don't hold it against the owner Neil, who kindly introduced himself while we were wrapping up the meal... our lychees were on the house... ! Honestly, LA needs a proper Beer-garden, but for now Biergarten will satiate my immediate needs for beer.

The only favorites missing from the beer menu -Duvel and of course, Brooks' cider!

Fried fantasticness...

A stein, just my size.

Judge Doom (from Who Framed Roger Rabbit)s apparently was drinking with us... terrifying.

Kim had a goblet-sized beer float Made with Old Rasputin!

A wall of my Favs! A nine out of ten, and is currently looking like my new local!

Side Note: It doesn't hurt that they have a killer happy hour: one penny pitchers of PBR with the purchase of any appetizer.

Yes please, I would like an order of tempura french fries.

FOUND: Brooks' Cholo

Post Sunday afternoon $20/hour foot massage at my favorite Man Han Tang with Catherine, we decided to pop across the street to further our relaxation, at El Cholo. Mi favorito.

Margaritas always does a Sunday right, especially at 4pm!

We sat, I ordered the classic, blended and Mid-sip I noticed... over Catherine's shoulder...
Brooks on the wall.

Not at all a joke, literally my brother is in a photo on the wall in the restaurant. Located just above Catherine's head in the photo below.

I couldn't believe it. I just happened to sit exactly where my brother's photo is hung.

Brooks was a close friend of the owners son as a child and apparently adorable enough to be hung on the wall with his cub scouts group decked out in USC garb. Brooks located front and center with his signature pose: tongue prominently extended!

The Brooks is on the Wall. How about dem margaritas?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

FOUND: mr tomato plant and me

My tomato plant is producing...

And So am I....

I'm in the field and he's in the pot.

His is for eating and mine is for watching.

Both of us produce good content.

At least I think so!

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FOUND: sunset

I took this photo while driving from Bellflower last night (wherever that was), the photo is proof that I got out of work while the sun was still out.
See friends, I am not a work vampire.

Gorgeous sunset, worth putting my life at risk at the wheel.

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FOUND: fighter

Feeling like a fighter. Not quite a champ yet. I'm three rounds (episodes) down, with three to go.

My fighting spirit is still intact but the field hours are starting to wear me out!

Here's to hoping I'll be standing arms raised in the neutral corner soon!

FOUND:San pedro

Last week I found myself filming in San pedro... It was truly an adventure. I really need to go back and explore it further.

Care to join?

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FOUND: chalk doms

I love dominos, not the pizza. I repeat, not dominos pizza. Pizza I love.

Ok that got confusing. I love the game dominos and when I went to Bestkuche for dinner the other night I noticed this graffitti.

Would love to know more about this artist who uses chalk.

Brilliant. Hey if it gets more people to play more dominos I'll be a happy camper!

Go chalker go!

Chalk it up!

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FOUND: video village

Welcome to my village. I spend my days and nights here.... When the sun sets my village is aglow and when the AD says that's a wrap... I go!

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LOST:coach and horses

Brooks and I decided to grab a drink last night and say our goodbyes to one of our favorite drinking establishments.
We had heard in the blogosphere that C&H was getting evicted. The bar that opened in 1937, I have been enjoying since I first got my fake ID.... Strongbow in cans, bless their hearts.

Anyway, it was a sad night, the bar was packed in and sorrow was sweating from every pore.

Even my can was sweating in tribute.

Goodbye my favorite mellow bar.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

LOST: Silverlake Walker


The Los Angeles County coroner early Thursday confirmed the death of Marc Abrams, 58.

Abrams earned nicknames such as the Walking Man, the Silver Lake Walker, the Reader Walker and the Walking Doctor because he has been taking long walks through Silver Lake since moving there in 1980.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


The pictures will do the writing

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Friday, July 9, 2010


When summer rolls around, cars around me bop to the newest Perry and bieber... I bop to the oldest....brahms and Vivaldi.

Classical is the new pop. Hats off to the Dude.

Bowling is my favorite summmer hobby, and by that I don't mean pints, pins, and petty.... But patina, Pinot, and the phil

To bowl: (vrb) is an activity that includes eating and drinking at the Hollywood bowl.

Yes, like most verbs, one can be good or bad at said activity....

My father is the best Bowler I know. It helps that during the summer months he has a box.

I am a pretty good bowler, but only because I can capitalize off of my dads bowl-cred.


Popped over to silverl-AKA- hipsterlandia to show Gabor the birthplace of hip?

No, we went for tasty coffee, a leisurely stroll on Sunset, and an indulgent lunch at FORAGE.

Every meal requires a cookie this tasty. It really is that tasty. As for the Sandwich it was goats cheese, peach, mint, and saba dressed to kill!

I give it 5 stars out of 5 for a sunday lunch! Delish and local and only nutrish if you are one of "those types of people".

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LOST: USA vs Ghana

Started the morning armed with donuts and pints... Cheery... Optimistic.

Dressed in our USA jersey-best.

The masses were amassed in their red, white, and BLUE.

We were BLUE bc my brother wasn't with us, we felt it just wasn't the same cheering without our mini-equipo. Alas, Brooks was in London, throwing back some fresh pints at our local pub in hampstead, watching the game, so I guess I can't feel too badly for him. (the trip was subsidized by my parents)

We went to the new The Parlor on melrose- a meh- experience, if you ask me.

Quite frankly the bartenders ignored me and served everyone around me twice before I got all aggressive on them. I then ordered a heffe... Haywire was the brand..... BIG mistake. It's terrible and a bar should know that. Did they not taste the Heffe they put on tap? Why not put Heavenly Heffe on tap ? and secure yourself an A-?

Haywire gets a C-... a C-... come on now.... It gets an F in my book, just so you know.

So I would like to agree with my sister's friend Kelly. My thoughts exactly.... And I thought I hit a low point with the shitty cafeteria fries, bad service, and terrible heffe on tap... The USA loss put it over the edge.

Ugh. Another 4 yr wait.

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FOUND: griffith observing pink hats?

My friend Gabor was visiting from SF and I decided I was long overdue for a trip to Griffith observatory....

-apparently they were hosting a pink hat convention?

For the out-of-towner readers of mine.... The iconic Griffith observatory can be seen in quality films such as The Rocketeer (one of my favorite films of all time!)

Rent it!

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

LOST: Free Time

So I know I have been neglecting to write, but it is not because I don't want to. Unfortunately the show that has been consuming my life has prevented me from even thinking about this blog.
The show follows a life coach/specialist who declutters people's lives, and every night I get home at eleven pm after working a day that started at 5am, I am one step closer to casting myself into the show... with piles of dishes in the sink, piles of clothing on the floor, and a pile of Lucy sprawled across the bed.

I promise that I will do my very best to keep up with the blog though I suspect with my lack of a social calendar, it will be nearly impossible. I come up for air on August 15th, so you know just how long you have to hold your breath!

Thanks for your patience, kind readers.