Monday, March 15, 2010

FOUND: Keifer

I probably misppelled his name... But the story should be the payoff.

I decided to start running as a hobby-mostly bc I have run out of cheap/free activities to fill my day. I loathe running (FYI) so I am technically scraping the barrel with day-fillers.

So I spent half of the day productively pulling together a string out of pump-up dance hits to aid me in my attempt to run from my apt and back-a pathetic 3 miles. (a feat easily achievable on the mill)

Well. My music mixing attempts failed to motivate me beyond a speed that I classify as my pregnantlady powerwalk. Confession: I was lazy and secretly wanted to multitask- so I was blog-walking. ( I'm that dedicated to this blog)

When I reached the bev/cen, a song came on that lit my lethargic feet afire- I am pretty convinced it was part of an action sequence for a soundtrack, as I felt I was a chase scene- me thinks the song was from Run Lola Run, for now we will refer to the song as Run Lucy Run.

Btw- I was running at a pace impossible for me to sustain for 1.5 miles.

Well as I was recklessly manuevering & dodging actors/waiters/dogshit ( sorry, not meant to be read as interchangeable, but as three separate things) I almost slammed right into kiefer sutherland. I did the ackward dance "oh,oh, sorry,sorry, my bad" as I put on the brakes just before my body would have collided into his.

Running away to action music never seemed so appropriate. Run Lucy Run...

I might just go running tomorrow to see who I might run into next.

- Likely posted with typos from my iPhone

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