Tuesday, March 9, 2010

FOUND: PaliViewing

After a casual game of paddle tennis at the Dirty 30's, my friend Pete offered to show me one of the best views of the Pacific Ocean, his house just happens to sit in that spot.

Here's to a '10 Spring/Summer season's worth of BBQs at his place!

It is a mini-paradise and within perfect biking distance! Done & Done!

WARNING: Never take Sunset on your way home! I thankfully avoiding having a "Twanda" moment with a Blonde/Stepford/Westside dwelling/Vanilla Cookie Cutter/ Lexus SUV driving/ Cell Chatting Biotch who was less focused on her kids in the back and more focused on gripping her Starbucks Non-Fat Soy Chai Latte in one hand and chatting with her personal pilates instructor by cell in the other hand...UGH.

Anywho, it was FABIO who was the unsung Hero in the scenario... I followed him in his Porsche off of the grid-locked Sunset and onto Wilshire! (I am still so sorry about the whole Goose episode, the nose-job is not noticeable, at all) xoxo


  1. The real Fabio? Your life is amazing.

  2. A childhood dream came true in that moment!


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