Wednesday, March 31, 2010

FOUND: Eat-ster

My downstairs neighbor Jen was decorating Easter bunnies and egg cookies with her niece and invited me over (is it bad that I secretly rely on the supermarket to remind me when a holiday is on the horizon)....

It was such a treat, reminded me of the younger years where I would look forward to eating jelly beans on behalf of jesus.

I just decided that I will purchase an egg dying kit in collaboration with for my afternoon activity tomorrow. Coincidence that the dozen eggs I bought today have brown shells? Looks like I have a week filled with egg salad sandwiches ahead of me, oh and u too if ur coming over for dinner....

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Pathetic. Need I say more?

Not gonna lie when I say that I waited to turn my car on in hopes the owner would return to see me roll my eyes....

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FOUND: Griffith park&hike

At 6:40am this morning I looking out my window, praying for rain... the idea of hiking at that un-godly hour, just didn't appeal. at . all. My bed was putting up a big fight and didn't want to face abandonment.

When I knew Abigail would be waiting for me at the base of the Griffith Observatory hike, I couldn't let her down... and who knew it would be just what I needed to kick start the day.

Of course I ran into two friends from Hell's Kitchen (season 4&5) halfway through the hike. I Love LA!~

FOUND: Promotion Party

Last night I threw together an impromptu dinner party to celebrate Sarah's Promotion! I do declare, it was quite the meal, if I do say so myself.


Raspberry & Lemon & Mint Mojitos!

*Artisanal Cheese Plate

*Fresh Biscuits
*Arugula with gorgonzola, black mission figs, spring onion and a homemade clover honey vinaigrette
*Broccolini sauteed with meyer lemon and chili pepper
* Orzo Pasta with fresh Basil, Toasted Pinenuts, Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes, and shaved parmesan regiano
*Pork Tenderloin (coated in a dry rub all day)

*Raspberry & Pink Lady Almond Crisp w/ Coconut-coated vanilla bean ice cream Bon Bons

(Katie brought a fabulous red wine which I am polishing off while I type this)
*I probably shouldn't admit that it is 1:45pm on a Wednesday

FOUND: Cider Tasting

It was time for the tasting... cider tasting.

Brooks had 7 ciders for us to rate/judge/give feedback on. (of which, 3 of them were his).

His came out on top, a very good sign indeed.

Can't wait for the next tasting....

Monday, March 29, 2010

FOUND: Canyon Tennis

Played un petit peu de tennis this week/weekend. On Friday, Joe & Ryan & I played at the poinsettia courts where an older gentleman in his 80's strolled onto our court behind a walker toting a duffle and decided to be our 4th to our 3. No words exchanged he just zipped open his bag, removed his racket, and teetered over to the open space next to Ryan and I took it my cue to feed him the ball.

We welcomed him onto our courts and made an unspoken decision to embrace this man who clearly just wanted to be part of something.

It was a humbling moment. We had a lovely time and we were glad to share it with him.

The courts above are from Saturday's game. I played with my ex-coworker Jill who is a total doll and told me about these courts in Griffith Park which sit right in the Vermont Canyon. I felt as if I had been transported back to my camp's courts. I thought our court was empty until I encountered a charming lizard who exclaimed the weather was perfect for a game of tennis. I told him he could stay if he wanted to watch. He said he had a function to attend and swiftly scurried across the court.

FOUND: Two boots, while resting my boots

After a full on dance sesh, I rewarded my dancing feet with Two Boots. The pizza hit the spot and its proximity (next door) to the Echo/Echoplex, can't be beat. No excuses!!

I got the standard: Pepperoni Pizza.

I was tempted to order another sliceage, and by sliceage, I mean an entire pie.

FOUND: Breakinner

Had a fabulous Breakfast for dinner, before the Yacht concert with the Parson Twins. Emily whipped up a scramble and some french toasties, and I popped the champers for the mimosas.

We polished off the meal with an extended session on Chatroulette... none of us had ever done it before.
I have to admit, I was completely _______
a- entertained
d-all the above


Highlight: Ax playing Chopin

Lowlight: Woman
seated next to us, playing with her husband


Friday, March 26, 2010

FOUND: Washed Out

So I am headed out to see a concert this evening at the Echoplex... Echoplex evenings usually mean that I will be polishing off the evening with a taco truck stop for all the dancing I will be doing will work me up an appetite. The Parson twins will be joining which means my dancing feet will be put to use!

I will leave you with a link to the song I most look forward to tonight by WASHED OUT!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

FOUND:daily grill happy hour

This is the happiest of hours, I forgot how impressive the daily grill's happy hour is- I am sippin on my $3.50 sam Adams and waiting for my under $4 appetizer to arrive. The only caveat is that you practically have to wrestle someone for a table.,, I am not against that!

So my sister and I are headed to the philharmonic to hear ax play Chopin and I am pleased as can be that my parents can't use their season tickets and were kind enough to share.

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FOUND: Itikis

Dude, If I wasn't going to the Philharmonic tonight... I would totes swing by Trader Vic's for a free I-tiki! Hell, I feel like a MaiTai, might just pop buy for one of those instead, after the concert !


Tonight starting at 8pm, the first 50 customers at Trader Vic's Los Angeles will receive free iTiki phone cases. The case is a snug-fitting silicone skin designed to look like traditional Polynesian tikis. According to the press release, "iTiki is available in two colors: Pacific -- the cool blue of the ocean and Koa -- the warmth of Hawaiian wood."

"iTiki is more than just an iPhone case. iTiki is a South Pacific deity from the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii, who protects iPhones from enemies."

John Valencia, "The Big Kahuna" of Trader Vic's comments, "What better place than Trader Vic's, the home of the original Mai Tai, to let the world know about one more way to tiki-fy your life." In addition to the iTiki giveaway, the launch party will feature DJ Jay Strongman spinning everything from house to funk to northern soul. What, no Don Ho?

Trader Vic's at LA Live might not have the authentic ambiance of the original, but it's still worth hitting up for the giant Scorpion and the lobster dumplings. For people who can't make the event, iTiki's are available for $29.97 at thewebsite. Do not take the power of the tiki lightly. Just remember what happened to Greg Brady...

FOUND: Tom Cruise, cruised by

BEST EMAIL OF THE WEEK: Just got this from my roommate, Stephanie who works for Smashbox.

"Tom Cruise just passed me on the way out of the studios and said “Bye, be well.”

AHHHHHHH! OMG! Hahahhaha."

I mean, as much as he terrifies me with his Scientology-ways, I do have to say I probably would have reacted exactly as she did. Congrats Stephanie that is a major star-spot/interaction.

Now let's all pray she didn't look him in the eyes.

FOUND: Brooks' brewery

Thought I might give myself a tour of Brooks' brewery while he is inside eating a streusel he defined as "sinful"!

Brooks' brewery is secretly my parents garage where he has not so secretly has taken over the entire space! My mom's sad little pilates reformer now covered with brewing accessories and bike building tools. Lucy sad she can't use it!

But let's look at the bigger picture here, I have a young brother who is highly skilled in two areas that mean a lot to me in life: beer&bicycles.

Keg of cider he is brewing for my sister.

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This blog post was brought to you by Nelson!!

Pretty mischievous!

Ladies love him!

Great for arm lifts when you need a good workout!

Will take the blame for you when you stain furniture or break something!

Always listens and is totally engaged!

Meet nelson my baby of the year!

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FOUND:blueberry streusel bread... Yah!


I am pretty much the worst baker there ever has been... Ever. I'm a bakertard- I blame it on my self-diagnosed ADD, I can't focus on one task beyond 5 min.

Cooking is my true love, It allows me to utilize my multitasking genius- for example last night I had 20 mins to make a dinner, so there I was whipping up a vinagrette whilst toasting croutons for a salad, chopping tomatoes for bruschetta, and grilling polenta... Multitasking is my game and I play it well. Unitasking requires properly measuring, patience, and quite frankly way too much of my time for just one outcome.

Now that I have so much time on my hands- I thought I should strengthen this weakness of mine- and work on my baking skills...

Hence the streusel.

Why a streusel, you ask?

Well, quite frankly- I hijacked my parents kitchen while no one was home and the limited ingredients they have prevented me from making much else!

That, and I always thought I might marry a German, and why not master his most loved sweet! (wow, I'm pathetic)

Ok, so back to backing. I have 20mins before it can come out and I'm done with posting... Maybe I should find another recipe? Or a German suitor to deliver this to!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Pink's loves the hoff!

Had to share my discovery today...

I'm practically asleep in bed as I type this with visions of chili dogs dancing in my head ..
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Walked by the Alexander McQueen store in Chelsea and was tempted to pay my respects while I paid for one of his dresses.

The article in Vanity Fair last month was a heavy one that was exceptionally written. *

*Totally different note/ much lighter: Spotted Graydon Carter at the Monkey Bar while I was in town. Agree with the "A-list spotting & D-grade cooking comment in the article".

FOUND: Billy's Bakery

I am sure I committed a major NYC faux-pax when I went to Billy's Bakery and ordered a Red-Velvet cupcake... but, whatevs

1- I am not from NYC
2- Magnolia's line can suck it
3- I need to counter-balance all of the afternoon March Madness beer consumption
4- oh and you can't beat my love for Red Velvet. nothing competes

I would have taken a photo of what I ate, alas I ate my purchase too quickly.

FOUND: Momofuking Part 1

Momofuku Milk Bar was a necessary stop on Meg & my mission to eat our way down the city by foot. I had heard a lot about this restaurant from working as a producer on Best Thing I Ever Ate (food net) and clearly was a destination not to be missed according to the throngs of famous chefs with whom I spoke.
So when I got to the counter I couldn't resist, I ordered more than just a "Cereal Milk" fro-yo, (*they use milk steeped in children's cereal) I HAD to get a cookie too.

Milk goes with Cookie, like Lucy goes with Dessert...
these are things are things that can not be denied.






I didn't cry over the spillage of this milk, I just licked it off my clothing. All Better.

I do declare that during the consumption of this ice-cream your brain is really confused.. thinking:
*shouldn't cereal milk be luke-warm? why is this so cold?
*isn't this what I sometimes leave in the bowl depending on what cereal I have eaten?
*the texture is funny....
*why is this so savory
*I wonder what cereals were used
*thank god I am eating the cookie with the cereal milk, it brings me back to something I really understand... traditional cookies... no confusion there.

FOUND: La Grenouille (the frog) dans NYC

The main reason for my trip to NYC was to attend a "Linen & Lingerie" party at La Grenouille for Meg, thrown by Carlotta. I had heard about this restaurant through various friends and knew that this is not a bridal party I should miss.

So very glad I attended as it was perfection wrapped in a blanket of perfection, tucked in by perfection, and sung a lullaby by perfection.

Translation: A meal with service that left me in awe and totally satisfied.

*We were seated in the private room (two stories) and started our mid-afternoon cocktails on the second floor balcony.

*All of the floral arrangements were pieces of art, every surface had one on display. According to my friend Kate (as seen above), the owner of the restaurant does all of the arranging himself. What Talent! Almost* as good as my mother! *ALMOST.

Meyer lemon and blood orange souffle, with a brulee'd top.

Light, Fluffy and Soft.
Dissolved on my tongue.
Pleased it didn't take up too much space as I clearly had to finish off the selection of pastries and cookies on the silver tiered tray placed strategically in front of me!

FOUND: La Frog (Grenouille

FOUND: Iphone Photo deletes #1

Before I purge my iphone of all random photos I have taken over the last couple of months, I thought I would share some "trashable" treasures with you all:

@ Splash Mountain
*I was too cheap to spend $20 on a photo of me screaming, so I iphoto'ed the screen.

@Bennett House for Halloween
*This pregnant woman made her own skeleton costume, she even dressed up her fetus!

*My bike had a crush on this bike! I had a crush on the cyclist.

@ Glen Lake
*A ladybug landed on my foot. I like ladybugs.
FYI:My sister thinks my foot is ugly, that's what she told me when I showed her the photo. Sorry if you agree with her.

@Gallery next to Mandrake
*Lucy, Brooks, and Mao.

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