Wednesday, September 29, 2010


For my birthday, Father Bennett gave me a gift of two fantastic tickets to IL POSTINO. I love how well my dad knows me!

No puedo esperar!

“Il Postino,” Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, 135 N. Grand Ave. Wed., Oct. 5 and Oct 16, 7:30 p.m.; Oct. 2 and Oct. 9, 2:00 p.m. (213) 972-8001 or Running time: 2 hours, 52 minutes.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

FOUND: White Party

The party was white. The coffee was black.

FOUND: String bikini-Jeans?

I think I just vomited.

FOUND: Balloons


I have slightly altered it for the LA audience.


1½ oz. Vodka

¾ oz. fresh lime juice from Bennett Farms

¾ oz. simple syrup from TJ's

1 oz. organic ginger beer

  1. Add all of the ingredients to a mixing glass.
  2. Add ice and shake, then strain into a ice filled copper cup
  3. Garnish with a lime wheel and a piece of candied ginger

Oh and if you don't have a copper cup, you can serve it in a Mason Jar and use your stolen silver stirrer from Roger Room.

A Moscow Mule is a buck or mule cocktail made with vodka, ginger beer, and lime which was popular during the vodka craze in the United States during the 1950s. The name refers to the popular perception of vodka as a Russian product.

Wikipedia Variations

  • Angostura Bitters or Fee Brother's Whiskey Barrel-Aged Bitters is sometimes added [1][2]
  • Mule's Kick, served over crushed ice in a copper (or other metal) mug, with no fruit.
  • Three Legged Mule, with Jameson Irish Whiskey
  • Manuka Mule, served with 42BELOW Manuka Honey vodka, adding a warm and spicy taste. Also known as Honey Bear in the UK.
  • George Special, served with slice of orange instead of lime
  • Garden Mule, served with fresh melon & cucumber slices crushed into a shaker (o. Severino)
  • Vanilla Mule, served vanilla vodka, lime juice (and wedge), ginger beer, bruised mint leaves, over ice.

FOUND: Cookies y Leche

My job makes me hungry...and I am just looking at balloons.

This could be a sign of a much larger problem.

LOST: Dodgers

So sad.

My feet are up, but I haven't given up.

FOUND: Pantone Mugs

Which shade of blue do I feel best matches the shade of coffee I drink?

Or maybe I should go with the color that matches my eye color?

I think the first mug I will christen is- Process Blue C.

This birthday was the best kind of BLUE!

FOUND: Lucy Schwartz

Apparently I am a big fan of going out on a SCHOOL NIGHT. With the record-breaking heat, my body craved some chilled relief...

I usually research the shizz out of whatever musical act I go and see, to confirm their worthiness of my time. Given how hard I have been working, the time was not available and I thought I would take a risk, I mean the chick's name is Lucy.

A risk that was worth taking.

Lucy Schwartz was a fine act, bringing up various musical "friends" to stage, and her sound is as if Florence & the Machines had a song-baby with Feist. She has that deep songstress voice that you seemingly get lost in, especially after two bottles of Stella. I don't think I really listened to any of the lyrics, mostly because her voice had so many dimensions and the heat rendered me unable me to process much beyond, "wow, nice voice."
A Brit by the name Aqualung accompanied her on a song and made for a very charming duet.

I lacked the energy to stay for A FINE FRENZY, which was a shame. The outdoor venue, lacked airconditioning... which is common for most outdoor venues... I hear.

The heat still hadn't broken by 11pm and as I felt a bit broken myself, I had to weigh my options. I caught a glimpse of the sheen from the sweaty glaze that sat on my face like a coat of clear nail polish, and realizing that I looked exactly how I felt, I tossed the towel for the night. Oh energy and vanity, you always ruin a good night.

Next week at SCHOOL NIGHT... is TWIN SHADOW.

Looks delish! I feel like a good dose of nouveau 80's!


"Graveyard" Video:


October Tour Dates:

10 Los Angeles, CA - The El Rey *

12 Hermosa Beach, CA - Saint Rocke

13 San Diego, CA - Winston's *

16 San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall *

17 Eugene, OR - Wow Hall

19 Bend, OR - Silver Moon

20 Portland, OR - The Aladdin Theater *

21 Seattle, WA - The Crocodile *

The clip is up for this week's MTVU Best Freshmen Video. You can watch the "Graveyard" video and vote now at

Monday, September 27, 2010

FOUND: OP... I give the best party favors

I had some friends over for some pre-party cocktails the other night and what should happen...

My next door neighbor, who works for OPI, generously offers up a box of nail polishes that he "happened" to have around.

Listen I am not one to say no to free nailpolishes, ever! Scratch that, I am not one to say no to free, anything, ever!

Each one of the party attendees walked away with multiple new paint options for their M&Ps.

MY NEW FAV: You're a Pisa Work


When I was working at Discovery Studios this summer, I frequently walked down La Cienega to purchase freshly prepared sandwiches from SODA POP'S.

Do yourself a favor and get the GRILLED CHICKEN PESTO sandwich on a ciabatta roll. *get it with mozzarella & avocado

You will thank yourself. And be sure to reward your good selection with a side of the freshly made BBQ chips!

FOUND: 28 bottles of nothing on the wall...

You know it is your birthday, when Sir Jamie Bennett whips out the bowtie and the paul smith socks. Oh and did I mention the Credit Card. Birthdays in the Bennett family are very strategically planned, especially when it is my turn to celebrate.

We started on the CC rooftop with Negroni's and Moscow Mules served with their respective sterling silver ice bowls.

We then moved onto DRAGO CENTRO, where the tasting menu (menu degustazione) was our poison.

Can I mention how I think every restaurant should start a meal with an amuse bouche? They make my bouche so amused.... and always starts a meal on a tasty little nugget of a note!

The menu was executed with perfection! No surprise there! From freshly made pasta dishes to tender meat cuts and palate cleansing salads and the simplest of desserts that had no weight, but all of the taste. I didn't leave bursting at the seams, in fact, I left completely satisfied.

Katie asked to keep her menu, the wine pairings were apparently ones she wanted to remember forever! (Always a good sign) I stuck with my meal partner staple: Franzikaner. That was in anticipation for the post-dinner drinking to be done at VILLANS TAVERN .

Mr & Mrs Bennett were formally invited by me to join in a visit to the newly opened Villans Tavern, a funky little place down the street from Sci-Arc. They felt slightly out of place being almost 20 years older than the oldest person in the joint, that said it was a treat to see them so giddily participating in the LA hipster nightlife.

Perfectly crafted cocktails creatively served in mason jars, had my mom giggling and the live blue grass had my dad beebopping. It is always a treat to share the "LA nightlife" with my parents.

It's a bigger treat when my dad wears his pink socks.

Friday, September 24, 2010

FOUND: Space Available

Across from the Roger Room there is a club...


I dare you to try to get in. You won't.
It is the most elite party in town.

No, but seriously... this venue gets rented out Thurs-Sun and I am fascinated and dying to be a fly on the wall.

It use to be a restaurant called Alcapulco. I am familiar with this restaurant because during my brief stint at the Pantages Theater in JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT, (don't ask) I was bused with the other choir members to this location for a lunch break between the matinee and evening performance.

I have a very vivid memory that gets triggered when I see this building. SHITTY GUACAMOLE. All I can say is: That place deserved to close.

Now, back to my scheming... I have been told by the bouncer that it has a strict entrance policy.

FOUND: CicLAvia Oct 10th!

CicLAvia is a car-free festival where bicyclists and pedestrians take over select L.A. streets. The 7-mile CicLAvia route goes from Hollenbeck Park in Boyle Heights, through Downtown L.A. to the Bicycle Kitchen in East Hollywood.


And listen... just a little encouragement to get onto your bicycle... look below.

Scott Speedman bikes in LA. And he is one mighty fine biker, Need I Say more?

FOUND: 28 Years

So I have been alive for 28 years. Thanks for being part of it.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

FOUND: The Mother-Load

One of my favorite images of summer included a photo I took upon the return of my mother from Michigan.

She stashed a dozen lodi apples in her suitcase along with a loaf of my favorite: English Muffin Bread from Potter's Bakery in Traverse City.

My mom literally walked in the door, dropped the suitcase, and whipped up a batch of Grammy's Applesauce (the only applesauce I will allow past my lips).

I just about melted, like the pound of butter used for cooking, when I came over to the house to found a warm bowl of the beloved applesauce waiting for me. (fyi- best if eaten warm and served on a toasted slice of buttered English Muffin Bread)

Now, as for the veggies from the garden, those were happily awaiting my mother to return for the ceremonial "final summer picking".

My mom knows how I love to eat and I love her for it!

FOUND: Beer Week

I love that there is an event combining two of my most favorite things: UNION STATION & BEER!
LA Beer Week provides a calendar for individual establishments and breweries to promote their own events, while providing our own unique anchor event: 2nd Annual LA Beer Week Beer Festival October 17th @ Historic Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles."

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

FOUND: Bici-chair

Walking down Mad-Av in NYC, I thought someone had dismembered my Pink Fixie.

Upon closer examination, I realized it was merely a chair that wanted to be like my fixie....

I hope.

I need to go home and check in on my baby.

FOUND: LucyBites

While pondering the whole "free water bottle" situation happening down the block, I decided to quench my hunger with some LUDO BITES from the truck parked in front of Urban Outfitters.

Now, as you know, I am a big food truck groupie... I know it is a dying trend... but come on people. You can't beat food that appears when you most need it and is available at the latest of hours. ( Juanita's Taco truck for life!)

Here's the Ludo-dealio :

Buttermilk Chicken Strips- Very Fresh, Tender, and Crispy.
Slaw- I mean, not a drop of mayo in site, so my kind of slaw. THE BEST KIND.
Fries- Meh, should have ordered 3 chicken strips and nixed the fries.
Bevvy- Got a Aranciata (sparkling orange italian soda)- the only way to go

$10- all in... now I am not going to lie, it was a bit pricey for a lunch.

GRADE: B for Blessing it was there when I was hungry and Baloney that it should be priced at $8 all in!

FOUND: Free Bottled Water... Just for shopping?

I was tempted to go into the store and inquire about the sign I saw posted on a tree...
Buy something and get a bottle of water? or do I get the water bottle for walking into the store? Only on Melrose, people... Only on Melrose.

Friday, September 17, 2010

FOUND: My New Chandelier

I am currently working on a show about Balloon artists...


Balloon artists.

Well, in researching potential projects that could involve balloons, I rediscovered CHIHULY . I was familiar with all of his pieces strewn across the Las Vegas hotel lobby-landia.

This piece is SICK. I want.
I don't need.

I just want.

FOUND: Meg's Wine

On a Sutton's Place stroll, Kelsey and I stumbled upon Meg.
Meg invited us over to her new christened apartment and offered us some alcoholic and cheesey delights.

The wine she served, happened to be a wine that I tasted in Mendoza a year ago, from Bodega Catena.

A very appropriate wine served, seeing as though the winery prominently featured a 3 story adobe pyramid building that shocked the landscape. It was impressive architectural display, and was no surprise when Meg (an architect), served it to me!

FOUND: Giant in NY

Bored- I was not... in the city.

Every moment was spent, not sleeping, but socializing.

Sleep was strictly designated for the plane rides to/from.

When my cousin, Kelsey, mentioned going to Bouchon for lunch at the Time Warner Center, the salivation that shot out from the corners of my mouth was the only signal she needed.

Yes, I would have ordered one of each of these, had I known there was a pastry section attached to the restaurant.

Obviously I ordered a chocolate chip cookie, you know, a treat for the escalator ride down to the first floor.

I met my very first giant in NYC.

Though I thought only SF had giants.

Very confusing, indeed.


Bored- I was not... in the city.

Every moment was spent, not sleeping, but socializing.

Sleep was strictly designated for the plane rides to/from.

When my cousin, Kelsey, mentioned going to Bouchon for lunch at the Time Warner Center, the salivation that shot out from the corners of my mouth was the only signal she needed.

Yes, I would have ordered one of each of these, had I known there was a pastry section attached to the restaurant.

Obviously I ordered a chocolate chip cookie, you know, a treat for the escalator ride down to the first floor.

I met my very first giant in NYC.

Though I thought only SF had giants.

Very confusing, indeed.

FOUND: Rodri-goes-to NYC

My dearest friend from years living in Madrid, Rodrigo, has moved to NYC.

So while I was in the city, I thought I would give him a a view he hadn't seen yet- from the roof of my beloved Standard Hotel. We suck down our $9 cervezas at sunset and reminisced about the days spent sitting in plazas nursing hangovers with claras in the most chungo of forms.

Now here we sit, like adultos falsos, at the "top of the world" where both of us know that our former selves are secretly rolling their eyes at the Pijos that we have become.

Was the dazzling view and the leisurely stroll down our memory lane worth the $9 drink?... claro que si!

We are proud to be Pijos, well, as long as we can afford it!


I went to NYC and apparently I had one of the hottest tickets in town.

My friend from London, Teddie, hooked me up with access to this elite Carnival theme party held outdoors, within walking distance of my 10-yr high school reunion.

Please don't judge the pathetic attempt at a photo (left). It was taken after multiple free cocktails and handfuls of pulled pork, so don't ask me why a guy in a backpack inspired me at 1:30am.
I was bit exhausted from over hearing vapid conversations about "fashion".... a la "I mean, what does she know? She doesn't even realize the shirt she is wearing is from last season. Pathetic!"

Not gonna lie, my industry is bad, but at least there is a bit more depth to "She doesn't even realize that the show she is pitching is already in production. Pathetic!"

Ok, well regardless... the party was free... the food and drink... free as well.

Who am I to complain, It's a Party in the NY... C!