Tuesday, March 23, 2010

FOUND: La Grenouille (the frog) dans NYC

The main reason for my trip to NYC was to attend a "Linen & Lingerie" party at La Grenouille for Meg, thrown by Carlotta. I had heard about this restaurant through various friends and knew that this is not a bridal party I should miss.

So very glad I attended as it was perfection wrapped in a blanket of perfection, tucked in by perfection, and sung a lullaby by perfection.

Translation: A meal with service that left me in awe and totally satisfied.

*We were seated in the private room (two stories) and started our mid-afternoon cocktails on the second floor balcony.

*All of the floral arrangements were pieces of art, every surface had one on display. According to my friend Kate (as seen above), the owner of the restaurant does all of the arranging himself. What Talent! Almost* as good as my mother! *ALMOST.

Meyer lemon and blood orange souffle, with a brulee'd top.

Light, Fluffy and Soft.
Dissolved on my tongue.
Pleased it didn't take up too much space as I clearly had to finish off the selection of pastries and cookies on the silver tiered tray placed strategically in front of me!

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