Saturday, April 3, 2010

FOUND:tea for meg

I have discovered that tea plates do not offer the kind of ceramic real estate that my appetite demands. Three trips to the dining room teetering tea sandwiches and cookies mounds on my plate, I finally felt like I remedied my hunger pangs...
Mental note: eat lunch before a tea. Tea does not a lunch make. And if a lunch it makes, You faux-pauxed and just pulled a Lucy, eating six too many of everything.

The hostess! And. The megess!

I'm in a self-induced food coma and hoping I didn't overdose on sweets.

I am desperately hoping to get an evening nap in before the girls hit the town!

Shout out to Ali and her mom who threw such a lovely fĂȘte!

I especially loved hearing my mom' s wedding day stories which included a guest fainting and a groomsman/ doctor missing the wedding to take him to the hospital.

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