Thursday, April 29, 2010

FOUND: Bday Hats off for Hatfield's

We all put on our respective birthday hats to celebrate my mother's 60th on April27th, 2010: Hatfield's was our destination.

Before calling Hatfield's to delay our resevation two times, we all sat down to watch a mini-docu-music-video her brother "directed" for her birthday. Her idyllic suburban upbringing was just how I pictured it to be! Idyllic!

When we arrived at the restaurant on Melrose, we were seated virtually in the middle of the exposed dining room- and it was no shock that within the first five minutes, my dad ran into a friend, and within ten minutes my two close friends, sat at the table behind us.

I made a couple observations while I took it all in, drinking my Japanese white ale:

1- Intially disliked seeing every other table, finding it distracting. Then loved it for that very reason. Hmmm I'm apparently conflicted.
2- Super monochromatic design: except for red chairs in bar and red pans in kitchen...
3- Service&Seating&Set menu options= top notch
4-Pricey, thank golly Daddy-Warbucks is paying!

As for the rest, go find yourself a sugardaddy on craigslist and ask to meet there-it's almost worth it!

Oh and order one of every dessert.

The lighting =a honeycomb meets something out of your science text book

Note: Red pans in the open kitchen -I like that we can see what the cooks are doing, especially because a couple of them were mighty fine.

The birthday gal!

The birthday ale...


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