Friday, April 9, 2010

FOUND: joe's Korean BBQ

Joe and I threw together a make-shift dinner party for ourselves in honor of the steaks he had. 12oz of premium USDA -licious red meat for each of us.

He dug deep down into his Korean roots, and whipped up a BBQ marinade that I probably would have drank a glass of if he didn't throw it away.

I made a fusilini carbonara with panchetta and asparagus. And a Lucy-type chopped salad including salami from larchmont village wine and cheese and the mandatory avocado.... A staple of my plate this month.

Joe grilled it up and I am gonna easily put this steak on my top 10 evers....

The bonus was the Korean BBQ smell that lingered.... The bummer was the smell that lingered.

We strategically left the windows all open when we headed downtown for a coolhaus icecream Sammie ....

It was a downtown art walk night.....crowds and lines were expected.

- Likely posted with typos from my iPhone

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