Saturday, April 17, 2010

FOUND: Coachella..ella. ella.. Eh- Eh-Eh

So I am not blogging from Coachella.. or anywhere close.

Am I upset about that you ask?... I
think that goes without saying.

I did not drown in my sorrows, but instead gathered some friends together last night for some Kegs&Eggs (Cyn-thanks for your keg-me-down) where I could play my beloved annual "Off-to-Coachella mix".

Listen, all is not lost. I had a lovely party last night where fellow bitter non-coachella folk could come gather together and sing their gratitude....

3-For not having to pay over $7 for a beer, as my keg= free

4-For not having to deal with obnoxious teeny-bopper-hipsters donning their bright neon & plastic

Honestly I do declare that I am saddened that I am missing out this year, but my frown is turned upside-down when I think of:
*The beach bike path
*my coachella mix-ed to perfection
*and the ideal temperature of 70 degrees

Coachella... you will just have to wait another year to see my new mustache and dance moves !

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