Sunday, April 18, 2010

FOUND: THE Beach Club Mai-tai

Saturday was my once a month mandatory beach session at the dirty thirties.

Each session includes the following:
1- bike ride down to Venice
2-catch up on my weekly csmonitor reading
3- interupt reading for a monster nap
4- walk along beach, count dolphins (2)
5- meet Sarah at the beach club for a maitai. (or three)

... It was so lovely our beachfront was combed and not a footprint in sight. It resembled a zen rock garden.

Best Mai tai on the westside....

Likely posted with typos from my iPhone


  1. ..i'm having mai tai's even further west to compare - nothing quite beats the BC - true story.

  2. Bring on the Hawaiian Mai-Tai review from Kona- stat!


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