Thursday, April 22, 2010

FOUND: coffee cakedom

Meg came over for a good 'ole fashion baking sesh. Girl always has something bakin' in the oven. This was an uber historic baked good- as it will be the one she will eat on the morn of her last day as a single woman. A last breakfast if you will....

Swirly cinnamon goodness. Didn't realize coffee cake does not actually have coffee in it. Funny that.

Olive Lucy. NBD.

Every party demands a cheese plate.

Likely posted with typos from my iPhone


  1. The coffee cake was DEE-licious. Thanks you, ladies, for sharing. There is a little bit left over, in a zip-lock bag downstairs. And . . . the cake form is all washed and ready for the next event!

  2. Love that.... Thanks John! I am already thinking of making a second batch! In Meg's honor.


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