Saturday, April 17, 2010

FOUND:Hansens cupcakes

Back during the era when I lived in little Ethiopia, I use to frequent the hansens cake shop around the corner on a weekly basis. Yes weekly. I would essentially pretend I was in the market for a specialty cake, you know ranging from Easter to bday to bachelorette to show wrap parties...on my heavier days I even played the baby cake card.

My goal: grab as many free wrapped cake samples as possible and bolt before they brought out a catalogue and order form. Sneaky, no? A hungry girl has got to do something to satisfy sweet toothage.

Well it didnt take too long before they caught onto my tricks and started offering a small selection of cupcakes- my favorites were the Obama cupcakes I bought on election day, not counting the handful of McCain cupcakes that I purchased, merely for the satisfaction of tossing out.

Anyway, back to the here and now!! Hansens now has a storefront that sells redic $1 cupcakes.... That puts all $3+ cupcakes to shame in LA.

Oh Fairfax, I hate your constant gridlock traffic. Thanks for making pulling over a lot sweeter....

Post script: hansens also has an assortment of mini cupcakes for $.50, I'm hoping MILK gets wind of that! I hate paying $.75 for their red velvet poppers.

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  1. oh sweet amazingness! love it! i hate 3 dollar cupcakes!


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