Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Dan rang me at 9:30pm last night to invite me to join him at the El Rey for RJD2, to use the KCRW tickets he won. He asked if I could make it and seeing as though I am a yes person and only a couple blocks away, I happily accepted!

Very happily, especially when I spotted Jason Reitman while walking in. I flushed with color. He is pretty dreamy.... I have to admit, if he was single, I had drafted a missed connection on his behalf- titled. To JRD2. At RjD2 You were on your cell phone and I wanted to give you my number!

It was a fantastic night!!!! Fantastic!!!

Such a great spontaneous treat'
It pays off to answer your phone! And have friends who are lucky!

Likely posted with typos from my iPhone

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