Thursday, April 8, 2010

FOUND: The Bar

It's Katie A's b-day tomorrow and after weeks of debate/discussion we have decided on a local for her Birthday Fete.

We decided on THE BAR .

Creative name- n'est-ce pas?
It's a bar I use to frequent when I first moved back from Madrid probably because it resembled a bar in Madrid I used to go to, with it's illuminated bottles behind the counter.

The bar in Madrid I loving referred to as- Bar Chungo. Chungo meaning tacky. However, the Bar in LA has no tacky in it's name... it is just a Bar. Nothing more, nothing less.

Photos to come from the party??? We shall see, it depends if I am left with any after I go through the editing process- weeding out the ones not appropriate for parental view.

** Sorry M&D- my blog is not the Daily Jolt and nor would I like you to treat it as such. Just a loving reminder.

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