Monday, April 5, 2010

FOUND: Eat-ster Quake

After a nice church service with the family we headed down to the beach club with the Lincolns and the Parks for a festive early supper.

The spread was pretty impressive:
honey baked ham
scalloped potatoes
green salad
grilled pineapple
and the obligatory Carolyn Carrot Cake.

Voila, the carrot cake that prevents me from eating anyone else's carrot cake. My mom's cake is quite simply- THE BEST.

No raisins in there to contaminate it, just straight up carrot cake with cream cheese frosting... light enough, savory enough, moist enough, and not too sweet!

The Egg Dyeing station I successfully set up.... only a few drops stained the white table. Woops, well, the table will be all ready for next Easter.

The weather, of course was perfect....

perfect for an earthquake...

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