Friday, April 23, 2010

FOUND:Manny @ Musso's

First time at musso and franks. A bit ashamed to share that, considering what an LA institution it is, and the fact I have recommended it for years, as If I were a regular. ( I merely just read an article a couple year ago in Los Angeles magazine)

Anyway, I had a "networking" meeting with a friend, which we decided would be far more effective and festive over a cocktail sitting bar-side. I decided we should walk down from the Hills onto the Main-Street of Hollywood and have a mini-venture. She pitched M&F !

With martinis being their specialty... I thought I would live on the edge a bitsky, and order a vodka gimlet on the rocks- A potential challenge for the proud older bartender who introduced himself as Manny.

Well turns out Manny is quite the institution himself and pulled out "said" Los Angeles magazine to prove it.... I didn't need the article, his cocktail was liquid proof. Manny's shameless self-promotion aside, dude makes a mighty fine drink!

Next time you go, order the gimlet from manny and tell him Lucy sent you, how's that for self-promotion! ZING...

Manhattan and Gimlet meet for the very first time.... love at first sight !

- Likely posted with typos from my iPhone


  1. Manny is vdp's buddy from his early days in hwood...introduced us to him and had him perform his incredible magic tricks for us. If he didn't for you, you must return! I had jellied consomme and welsh rabbit (cheese not the animal) there with grammy duck when I was newly pregnant with YOU! The only things I could eat! xxoo

  2. Epic story! Thanks mom for your contribution! I now know where my Welsh obsession comes from...


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