Friday, April 2, 2010

FOUND: Doyers para siempre!

Cynthia treated me and her two mates out watch one of the Dodger's Training Games. Cynthia informed me that the Doyers would be playing the Indiana Clevelands... hmmm fascinating.... new team I asked?

So after purchasing the obligatory Super Dodger Dog and Garlic Fries with an alcoholic beverage, I settled in nicely with the crew.

This was my view... Art Garfunkel's son was apparently seated right in front of me...

his hair didn't obstruct my view too much.

We were like on a double date and stuff... planning our round two at the Grove.... I hear they have a great deal $30/person, for dinner&movie&valet parking.

YOGURTLAND PIT-STOP. post game. obvi

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