Wednesday, April 21, 2010

FOUND: Street on Highland Avenue

The place is called Street. I wondered why it wasn't named Avenue, as it is not located on a street, but an avenue.

Very confusing indeed.

* The image on the wall might give one the impression of fast service, however it was anything but...

Frederico Suave Rheinstein generously invited the ladies out to lunch with him at Street and Meg, Ali, and I jumped on the occasion to chat and chew with the gentlest of men in Hancock Park. We shared travel stories while eating unusual dishes. I loved hearing about Fred's journey into India and all he experienced when he left his hotel and explored the STREETS....

I ordered the Kaya Toast (meh), which was a poached egg drizzled w/ soya sauce and served with coconut toasts and a standard Thai Steak salad. All together, what blew me out of the park was not my lunch, but the appetizer which was some fried dumpling-gy0zo situation filled with yams. Though if you put Frying and a Potato into any equation, it usually comes out on top in my eyes.

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