Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Why is it that every time I develop a strong musical interest in a band (aka pseudo- tiger-beat- obsession, minus band merch and ringtones), I end up finding myself posting on Craigslist in desperation?

Craig dearest... why must I run to you when I am most in need? Why do you supply me with all that I apparently can't live without : toasters to posters?

and more importantly... why am I so out of the loop about concerts in LA? I am an LA Native, I should know my LA WEEKLY- back to front.

So there I am, fingers crumpled and stiff, hovering anxiously over keys, contemplating just how far I'd be willing to go, just how much I would be wiling to dole out. Essentially I have wanted to see them since DEC '09 when I first learned about them through my friend Erin's blog, and for some reason, the universe has not allowed me to see THE LOCAL NATIVES... YET.

Paralyzed and trying to figure out the most I would be willing to spend on a band, who I expect next year will sell out the Wiltern. I am left to ask myself: How much is too much?

I feel as if a girl scout just knocked on my door, and I am left standing in the door frame weighing my options:

*How much should spend on cookies- to tide me over- til the next girl scout cookie order form crosses my path?

Do I get 2 boxes of Samoas and 2 boxes of Thin Mints? and risk blowing through those boxes in one careless 2am sofa sesh, post "night-on-the-town"? with the possibility of not seeing another Girl Scout to order form until the following year?


Do I indulge and blow all of my money on a couple cases of each to permanently satisfy my cravings until the next year?

It's truly a conundrum... and I'm not kidding... does anyone know where I can score some Girl Scout cookies? If I can't find the ticket, the sofa sesh is looking like a mighty fine back-up plan.

Mental Note: 1- never use girl scout cookies as an analogy 2-work on my analogies... the cookie one was seriously pathetic 3- Post again on Craigslist, never can have too many posts..... right?


  1. Diligence is lucky right hand, left hand thrift is lucky

  2. I don't read Chinese but I trust your translation. If you can go I bet it will be worth it. Or you can come to LCD Soundsystem with me that night. Options!!!

  3. Oh man, why tempt me sooooooo???