Wednesday, June 23, 2010

FOUND: eat my blog

With bikini weather coming, I have practically all the top models knocking down my door, begging me for my expert dieting secrets. (plus sized models that is)

I will have you know, Bikinis don't fill themselves out.

So I dragged my mother and her wallet along with me to the EAT MY BLOG bake sale. It was quite the "foodie-blogger" event, and me and my little LA lifestyle blog were very intimidated indeed by the impressive showing.

The event was a charity bake sale that encouraged Food Bloggers & Local LA chefs to donate baked goods to the cause.

Here are some of LUCY'S TOP EATING TIPS for models, of the plus-sized variety:

#1: Vegan = Not worth eating
#2: Go Butter & Cream or go home, those two ingredients are mandatory.
#3: If it includes Chocolate, get two.
#4: Remember to order "something for a friend", make sure it is something the "friend" likes. (A friend meaning your fridge)
#5: Best to try what your friend is eating, because it might be something you may want too

I am sorry, but my mom is so stinking cute! Yes, we have matching hats.

Just when I thought I knew what I wanted, I noticed another table of sweets.


Some of the Foody Booty!

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