Tuesday, June 8, 2010

LOST: Pearl Drop Earring

When I am on my way home from work, I drive barefoot.

Why, you ask?

1st off - I work in HELL aka the valley and it is so bloody hot that my feet beg to be liberated even from a pair of flip-flops (and obviously it is no surprise barefoot is a superior way of life)

2nd off- I like to be productive at stop lights, it's the chronic multi-tasker in me. So if that means taking off my shoes, so that I don't have to do it when I get home... I'm in.

This explanation leads me to a story. Not a very good one.... but a story nonetheless.

Last night: I was in my car, homeward-bound from the concert. (Obvi my shoes had been shed at this point) Well, I thought I might as well take it to the next level, why not de-jewelrify myself while I was ahead. Hell, I just shaved off a whole 35 seconds of my bed-time preparation taking off my socks and boots, which allows me 35 more seconds of sleep. Well gaining a full minute of sleep was a serious goal of mine.

Cut to: 8AM this morning, pulling up to the first stop light on my block and I notice that one of my pearl drop earrings had gone missing.

These earrings are my "signature look", my "daily wear" , my "staple"...

Well, I probably should have Titled this post, FOUND: Pearl Drop Earring,

(As I found the earring after a minute of looking) but a LOST title seemed a bit more compelling and who wants to read story when you know what happens in the end.

The End.

(I promise to work on my story telling)


  1. No goal of life, just as there is no compass and navigation

  2. Remember when I ran into you at Runyon Canyon? I first noticed the pearl drop earring and thought, "Lucy?!" And sure enough...

  3. I completely remember that... You have no idea how often I hear that.