Monday, June 14, 2010

FOUND: Craig's Keggerator

Occasionally when I am bored, I turn to my friend Craig and inquire, "Tell me, what is for free in this world?" Craig provides me a list of items in my own city that I can acquire for free.

I am not kidding when I say that it fascinates me... the people giving away 10 foot cactuses that if you can dig it up, it is yours.... or just plain and simple.... free dirt...

Today one post actually caught my interest, though not for me... for Brooks. It may be repulsive, but honestly it is completely functional... and did I fail to mention, FREE!


This is a slightly less than full sized fridge I've used to store two kegs of homebrew (5gal corny kegs) It also will fit a full 15.5 gallon keg. I've already taken out and am keeping all the Co2 hardware, so this is just for a bare fridge witha few holes from the facuets. It keeps things very cold and and an interior freezer compartment. I tested in with a watt metter and is uses less than $2 a month in electricity. Perfect for a garage or back patio

The sides are cover in stickers and beer labels.I need to pull my last few bottles out of it and wipe it down and it is yours.
You must pick up and bring at least one strong person as it needs to go down a few small steps to get to the curb. After 6pm would be indeal, but I'm also available now untill 1pm
this is in koreatown near wilshire/normandie

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