Wednesday, June 16, 2010

FOUND: Starbucks VIA

When I got into the office today, I found a box of Starbucks VIA next to our usual spread of Wednesday Krispy Kremes. I double donut fisted, so it took a return trip to the kitchen before I figured out what this VIA situation was all about.

Essentially it was a box of individually packaged Sweetened Instant Iced Starbucks Coffee packets... now.....

First off- I don't drink Starbucks
Second off -I don't usually drink anything sweetened
Third off- Instant coffee should only exist for the purpose of making brownies, Instant is just not worthy of drinking

Forth off- I hate that by individually packaging them, they create waste... waste on top of the millions of non-biodegradable logoed Starbucks cups and straws that go into our landfill daily

Fifth off- It is 100 calories for the packet.... and I would rather eat another 1/2 of a donut and drink my water instead.

So naturally I picked up a packet and poured it into my Starbucks Plastic Cup filled with ice and water.

I figured, with so much I don't like about this concept, I just need to be really sure when I put it down publicly.

Well as math has taught us all: five negatives do not make a positive.... and VIA is not a POSITIVE.

THIS RANT HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Lucy, girl who would be in a better mood if she wasn't still craving a 1/2 of a donut.

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