Thursday, June 10, 2010

FOUND; Grilled Peaches

With mom out of town, the rest of the Bennetts were left trying to figure out how to feed themselves.

Katie generously offered to fire up her BBQ and we were off to the summer races... Dad brought multiple bottles of vino, I brought a summer salad complete with avocado and black mission figs, Brooks brought himself, and Katie provided the artichokes, pork tenderloin, and PEACHES!

Who am I kidding, Katie did all of the grilling. I am just modeling.

A Palm Tree Pillow I got for Katie, to show her how much I LOVE HER!

Dad kickin' back with his neon blue striped Paul Smith socks. NBD.
*Katie, loving the Heath Ceramics (mom, great gift)

Brooks babysitting the vino. You can't see the straw in his other hand.

Mom was seriously missed, but I do declare, I am pretty impressed with what we were capable of whipping together, last minute!

- Likely posted with typos from my iPhone

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