Tuesday, June 22, 2010

FOUND: Hollywood's the parlour room

So I'm lame. I should just start schlepping my SLR for these sort of expeditions to new bars named THE PARLOUR ROOM (not be confused with the 18 other bars in LA named Parlour).

Meg, ali and I, hollywould like to believe that the guys who brought some of other bars to this fine city, hit the mark again.

I love a good bar, and by that I mean a physical bar where I can sit comfortably for hours.... Alone. Or not.
On a date. Or not.

I was with me HP mates.

Only wish you could see them in the photo.

Let me tell you , the real surprise was the lit up juke book, I love a good box of juke!

Now, for a brief Vocabulary Lesson Interruption:

A juke joint= is an informal establishment featuring music dancing and drinking. ...

Juke= disorderly, rowdy, wicked.

Think I might just have to integrate that into my vocabulary, to define those Juke nights.

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