Tuesday, June 22, 2010

FOUND: Nuevo Huevo Ranchero

Nelson, I am sorry. A new Huevo is due to arrive tomorrow and will naturally be added to our crazy tribe of families. I'm sure you have noticed your mom's cha-cha-cha-chia belly and quite frankly ignored it.

As a middle child who is pre-disposed to "family-placement-situation" and can personally relate, I don't want you to feel in the shadow of all the excitement that will come.

Therefore, I have decided to celebrate you right here, and right now... As your title: new baby huevo... Will be passed along to another, and by another, I mean your new-born brother.

What, In a matter of mere hours?

Now, don't give me that look. I told you it wouldn't be easy.

Ok fine, I see you are in a state of shock. Listen, I will feature you as often as I can, But you really need to work on your poses for me. Think: "cute baby photos", ones that can compete with all of those rediculous online images of cats dressed up. I know you think the smocked monogrammed mint green jumper would be enough, but Nelson, it really isn't. You need to step it up a notch for me.

Perfection, consider yourself booked! Well, at least until I meet your younger brother in person. That gives you until August!

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