Monday, May 31, 2010

FOUND: the best thing I ever made

The office had a premiere party for the current show I am working on right now. Given the name of the show: the best thing I ever ate, it was only appropriate that we have a potluck competition called the best thing I ever made.

I submitted two dishes for the two categories- sweet & savoury. My tomato pudding & PB and walnut brownies, sadly did not even come close to winning, in either category. I was hoping to score the gift certificates to church and state & phillippes.

One of my favorite dishes included the naked velvet cupcakes....yummy little Albinos....

The sweet table...

The savory table...

My table..,

friend encouraged me to stuff the ballot boxes.. I was to busy stuffing my face.

Next season I'm making something with puff pastry and cheese. You can't compete with those ingredients.

- Likely posted with typos from my iPhone


  1. This was rigged because everything you have ever made for me has been really truly delicious. I demand a recount.