Tuesday, June 22, 2010

FOUND: Dingbat 2.0

Megaroo came into town and I was very happy, indeed. She was honored & recognized by the LA FORUM of architecture and urban design for a design she did for a competition they had called: DIGBAT 2.0.

Now, for the non-LA person, most of you don't quite know what a digbat is...

It is an iconic Architectural style that I abhor and grew to adore after going to the DIGBAT 2.o presentation on Hollywood Blvd.

It was wild to see how these innovative thinkers were able to re-stylize and re-design something that I saw as LA's Architectural Acne.

This is my friend Meg. She is an architect. She graduated from the GSD and I am proud.

Meg with her father, another architect. Her sister, an architect as well, was unable to attend.

Lucy, A producer, loved attending a non-industry event. It felt refreshing. Love to see other people in their professional environs. Especially if it means the words Script, Agent, and Actor are replaced with Structure, Rendered, and Design.

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