Monday, June 14, 2010

FOUND: MALI- "DO" List (round 1)

When Hayes invited a group of us to head out to his Mali-pad....We grabbed our boogie boards, six packs, and headed Northbound on PCH.

When you are in Malibu there are a number of unspoken "Do's" and "Don'ts" one should follow:

Do #1 : Bring a Boogie Board.
Do #2: Pose on a Prius (In my case, convince a friend to)

Do #3: Pose with your boogie boards

Do #4: Sit on a rock and take a photo that you can longingly look at on Monday and remember how you spent your weekend and how you are to plan your next return.

Do #5: Eat a multitude of tacos from the taco lady, hired to grill "street tacos" all day... (I have her card, FYI she doesn't just cater the beaches of Malibu. She is usually set up outside of the Hideout)

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