Monday, June 14, 2010


So it was the battle of my passports on Saturday.... a battle where I should feel completely conflicted... who do I support? Well, that was a question much easier to answer than I expected. USA.

Plain and simple, I am an American, though my alcohol induced Madonna accent that slides out occasionally, might fool you into believing I am a "Brit-A-Be". Quite frankly, I am British only through Passport, though if I ever had the chance to be on the GENERATION GAME, I would consider giving up my American citizenship.

So a group of us headed early morning to CAPITOL CITY, which was the obvious place to be... I mean, there are tv screens in the bathrooms. Now that is the kind of dedication I want a sports bar to be to THE GAME.

Katie organized a cabana which housed our USA Riot Squad.

We all got matching tattoos to show our American support.

Our "private" Cabana with 50 inch flat screen, looked out onto the outdoor patio packed with cheering fans, scarves, beers, banners, flags!

Cobi Jones was at Capitol City, just reinforcing what we were already thing... We were at the right venue watching.

U S A.... U S A!!! (note to friends: probably best you never give me a drum, you will surely regret it)

Next time I will be in my Jersey. Village Idiot 7am, this Friday. USA vs Slovenia

- Likely posted with typos from my iPhone

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