Monday, June 14, 2010

FOUND: Jimmy Kimmel Green Room

Jimmy Kimmel is the ONLY show that I not only Tivo, but I legitimately and publicly consider myself a
Fan of.... oh and and openly discuss. Many of you know, laughing out loud while watching TV does not come easy. Unless I am shamelessly laughing directly at some pathetic soul who is doing a mighty fine job of self-exploitation on a reality show. While I am at it, I rarely laugh out loud in movies. Oh and I hate Comedy shows, but that is obvious. (Listen: I genuinely love laughing, so it pains me when it doesn't come organically)

It may be blasphemous to declare to all of you: "The Office doesn't make me laugh... " But I am speaking the truth.

That said, it is shows like FRIENDS, where you watch over 3 episodes and your prediction of the punch-line is part of your experience... to me... it leaves me agitated. Mostly the writing is what lacks... and there is nothing an actor can do about that.

Jimmy Kimmel has pretty much kept my laughter on it's toes ever since he came into my life as Jimmy the Sports Guy (KROQ) during my triumphantly awkward "tween" years. Today, I find a large amount of comfort in watching his show, and my laughter is genuine.

So, as you could imagine, when Abigail's friend who works on the show offered us access to the "oh-so" spectacular Jimmy Kimmel Green Room, this Thursday.... it honestly was an "awkward tween's" dream come true.

Broken Bells & Jimmy Kimmel= not a bad combo at all !

My Plan: Use free booze strategically* to calm unhealthy levels of excitement and neutralize blushing

*This does not mean: Drink Drink Drink, Dance at Teddy's, Drink Drink Drink, Double Doubles at In-N-Out, Cab Cab Cab home.

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