Thursday, June 24, 2010

FOUND: Broken bells

Jimmy kimmel's concert for Broken Bells, was a delight. The green bracelet that facilitated my access to free buds and the NBA final game, with my own HD tv and the band, was a bigger delight.

Jimmy you make a girl's dreams come true.

Abigail hearts the band.
The mysterious man standing behind her hearts Abigail.

$10 says there is a Craigslist missed connection posted: To girl in black shirt-My arms were crossed at Broken Bells and they really should have been holding you....

Seriously, the Laker win, capped off my night in such a lovely way, just like how a Benito's quesadilla caps off a night of dancing.

After the win: Madness on the boulevard of Hollywood!

Cars honking in jubilation, a massive spontaneous drum circle of purple and gold bodies, a random assortment of impersonators, an Elmo, a spiderman, and a Michael Jackson.... And a Lucy. (obivious big fail, with my lack of photo)

LA you are such a special place.

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